Want homemade bread without the effort? Your wish is our command

What could be better than putting homemade bread on the table without breaking sweat? Here's how you do it.

Soda bread

No rising time. No yeast. And most importantly no knead – is this the world's easiest loaf? Follow Irish folklore and put a cross on the top to let the faeries out. 


Perfect with: smoked haddock and leek chowder

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Purists say cornbread should be baked in a cast iron skillet, but as long as your oven's really hot you'll still get those lovely, crispy brown edges. Eat buttered for breakfast with a cup of black coffee or alongside cheese and salad for lunch.  Diet? Pah, be gone. 


Perfect with: the real deal chilli con carne 

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Sally Lunn bread

Known as 'Washington’s breakfast bread' because George (as in the first US president) liked it so much. Like brioche, only with less sugar, butter and fewer eggs, it makes fabulous French toast.


Perfect with: pea and mint soup with ham hock

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Sally Lunn bread

Via Hector Sanchez / southernliving.com


White batter bread

Bread doesn't always have to be as virtuous as the current craze for rye and spelt demands. If you're hankering after a soft, white milk roll for a luxurious sandwich, try this.   


Perfect with: creamy feta dip

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The original no-knead bread

When Jim Laley (owner of NYC's Sullivan Street Bakery) came up with his original no-knead bread, it took the world by storm. All you need is water, flour, yeast, salt and A LOT of time (12 - 18 hours in fact). Apparently it's so easy 'a 6 year old could do it'.


Perfect with: apple and hazelnut salad

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Mini gruyère & thyme scones

Scones aren't just for afternoon tea, doncha know. The Scottish 'quick bread' makes a great alternative to your usual loaf. Experiment with your flavour combos: we're loving cheddar and sage or thyme and Taleggio, but tell us if you come up with something better.


Perfect with: mulled cranberry and red onion chutney

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