There's a lot more to life than your standard houmous. There's chocolate houmous, butternut squash houmous, kale hummus...

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Jazz up that hummus

Who loves hummus? Hmm … us!


And you, of course, which is why so much time and energy these days is put into hummus experimentation. Variety is the spice of life, and paprika is the spice of hummus – along with chilli, garlic, tarragon, avocado, kale and anything else you find lurking at the back of your cupboard.


Ran out of chickpeas? Try broad beans instead. Or butter beans. Or avocado. Meanwhile, if you're all out of tahini then peanut butter or hazelnut butter will do the trick. Green hummus, red hummus, chocolate hummus – they're all possible with a little imagination and a lot of blending.


So fetch a jumbo bag of tortilla chips and get creative with one of these artists formerly known as hummus. The world is your oyster*!



*We don't advocate putting oysters in hummus. There needs to be some limits.

1. Fava bean hummus

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Our summer pal the broad bean is known as fava beans in the US (suddenly The Silence of the Lambs makes much more sense), but they're imposters – the real fava bean is small, round and usually dried, one of the oldest cultivated crops in the UK and also a North African and Middle Eastern favourite. It makes a brilliant alternative to the chickpea in this creamy hummus



2. Cucumber hummus

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Lighter than your average hummus but heartier than tzatziki, this cucumber hummus from Vegan Family Recipes is also spiked with summer herbs. Dill-icious. 



3. Butternut squash hummus

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Butternut squash hummus

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No chickpeas needed here! Butternut squash provides the bulk in this hummus recipe from Food 52, and makes for a sweeter dip experience. 



4. Peanut butter hummus

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Tahini-haters, your days in the hummus wilderness are over! Replacing sesame seed paste with peanut butter makes a smooth, rich and ridiculously moreish hummus – nutty, but only in the good way.  



5. Smoky sweet potato hummus

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Even when you're using chickpeas as usual, adding puréed veg makes your mix go further. This nicely spiced recipe from Sweetpeas and Saffron uses chipotle peppers for added smokiness, which is easier than holding it downwind of the barbecue.



6. Avocado hummus

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What with avocado being practically the elixir of life these days, it's hardly a surprise that people are putting it in hummus. It's also not surprising that it tastes delicious. Swap your usual guacamole for this recipe from Cooking Classy.



7. Roasted garlic and white bean hummus

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Dracula's least favourite hummus recipe, this variation by Sweetpeas and Saffron swaps out chickpeas for the elegant cannellinni bean and adds enough roasted garlic to ensure your guests won't forget your party in a hurry. 



8. Green goddess hummus

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Parsley, tarragon and chive unite as Team Green in this celestial hummus from Cookie and Kate. The only question is: does a goddess double dip?



9. Chocolate hummus

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If you were looking for proof that the modern world is a wondrous place, then the fact that someone has created chocolate hummus probably ought to do it. This recipe from Popsugar is vegan, naturally sweetened and chock-full of almonds and dates, but you won't need to tell anyone that because they'll be too busy trying to dip a KitKat in it. 



10. Raw nut pulp hummus

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When you've been busy making your own nut milk (and you have, right?), one of the biggest mysteries can be how to use up all the pulp that's left at the end. Enter: raw nut pulp hummus!


This recipe from My New Roots uses whichever nutty by-product you happen to have knocking around, plus raw tahini, garlic and seasonings to turn it into the ultimate thrifty dip. Just like the cavemen ate.



11. Kale hummus

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Kale hummus gif

Gif: Homemade

Our favourite way to make a dent in the never-ending kale forest that keeps appearing in the fridge, this whizzy recipe uses roasted garlic for a punch of smoky flavour. 



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