Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay are at it again, which got us thinking about those other legendary chef feuds that have bubbled over. Well, if you can’t stand the heat …

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Image: If you can’t stand the heat: best chef feuds

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Jamie Oliver

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In the ring: Gordon Ramsay v Jamie Oliver

Fighting talk:  it all started in 2009 when Ramsay called Oliver a “one-pot wonder” and Oliver retaliated by mocking him for having Botox. Cheeky chappy Oliver then accused the fiery Scot of being “deeply jealous” of his success at an event at the Sydney Opera House earlier this year. Paring knives at dawn indeed
Heat intensity: scorching

In the ring: Marco Pierre White v Gordon Ramsay

Fighting talk: Ramsay is probably Marco Pierre White's most famous protégé, but the Kitchen Nightmares chef later claimed that White was not a good restaurateur. Ramsay also turned up to White’s third wedding with a camera crew in tow which, oddly enough, didn’t go down too well. Previously Ramsay had stolen the reservation book from one of his own restaurants and publicly blamed White. Um, OK then
Heat intensity: boiled over

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Gordon Ramsay

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In the ring: Marcus Wareing v (what a surprise) Gordon Ramsay

Fighting talk: so, they used to be close, heck Ramsay was even the best man at Wareing’s wedding. However, their friendship ended up in a dark place: court. The lease on The Berkeley, which they ran together, was up for renewal. Wareing wanted to be his "own man" and they settled their difference in court resulting in the restaurant being given to Wareing – who then fired Ramsay, branding him a “celebrity chef who is not really part of the industry now”. Don't hold back there, Marcus
Heat intensity: boiling

In the ring: Martha Stewart v Gwyneth Paltrow

Fighting talk: it all bubbled over in 2014 when Stewart took objection to Paltrow’s lifestyle site goop, saying: “(Paltrow) just needs to be quiet. She’s a movie star. If she were confident in her acting, she wouldn’t be trying to be Martha Stewart.” Gwynnie fought back by posting a Thanksgiving “JailBird Cake.” Back in Stewart's corner and the American domestic goddess featured a six-page spread with a pie called “conscious coupling”. Ouch.
Heat intensity: boiling

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Martha Stewart

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In the ring: Anthony Bourdain vs Paula Deen

Fighting talk: back in 2011 Bourdain called Deen “the most dangerous person in America” and criticised her for making high-fat foods. Deen retaliated with “get a life.” Might need to work on that left hook, Deen.
Heat intensity: Bourdain: fiery, Deen: tepid

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Anthony Bourdain

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