Why is he not fat? Does he smoke? We answer the most Googled personal questions about the lovely Michel Roux Jr

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Image: Google interviews: Michel Roux Jr

Photograph: Laura Edwards

Chef, television presenter and secret butter obsessive Michel Roux Jr

Is Michel Roux Jr married?

Bad news - he’s well off the market. Michel Roux Jr has been happily married to Giselle, a French woman he met through his restaurant business, for 23 years: “I have a very happy marriage, a very stable marriage, and we're still in love after so many years, which is wonderful.”

Can Michel Roux Jr speak French?

Oui il fait: "I was born in Kent, and my first language  regardless of the fact that I was born in England  was French. I was cocooned in a microclimate of French people."

Does Michel Roux Jr smoke?

Not any more. The chef used to puff away on a 20 a day, but gave up for the birth of his daughter as: “I didn’t want her to suffer from my smoking”. He also has a strict regime of staying away from booze during the week, saving the Champagne for the weekend. Santé!

How does Michel Roux Jr stay slim?

Forget the saying ‘never trust a thin chef’ because Michel Roux Jr loves eating grub and uses exercise to keep him svelte: “I’m like Forrest Gump in that I’ve always run. I usually do a long, two-hour run on a Sunday, then three or four runs during the week.”

Where does Michel Roux Jr live?

The Michelin-starred chef has a homely three-bedroom flat in Clapham. It’s a beautiful Victorian conversion with a small garden that’s just big enough for the brothers Roux to gather round a barbeque.

What food does Michel Roux Jr eat?

When the chef isn’t gorging on his own Michelin-standard fodder, Roux has two big weaknesses  chocolate and butter: “I have a clandestine love affair with butter. If I could eat it by the gallon I would. It's a beautiful thing.”

What sort of knives does Michel Roux Jr use?

He has what's been described as a "warm relationship" with Global knives, and has even designed a signature range for them.