From delivering meals in her car to a celeb cult following, we caught up with founder of Honestly Healthy, Natasha Corrett

Picture this: your mum is interior designer Kelly Hoppen, dad the restaurateur Graham Corrett and step-sister is Sienna Miller. With a mix like this, you’d expect Natasha Corrett aka Honestly Healthy to be going places, right?


Well, she is. Honestly Healthy is the food delivery brand that is based on alkaline eating - that’s no gluten, caffeine, sugar or cow’s dairy.


If you don’t think this sounds like much fun, then you clearly haven’t seen her food yet. We’re talking cakes, pizzas and ice cream (yes, you read that right).


We caught up with the entrepreneur, whose new cookbook Honestly Healthy Cleanse is out in January, to talk all things alkaline. 

How did you get into the alkaline diet in the first place?
The alkaline way fell into my lap after visiting an ayurveda doctor who told me that I was very acidic and my body wasn't absorbing the nutrients from my food because I was so acidic.


I went on his 21 day alkaline detox and started to feel so much better and I just carried on and never looked back. I started reading lots of Dr Robert Young's research and it just really started to make sense to me. 


What is the basic principle behind it and is it hard to follow?
At Honestly Healthy it’s about prevention not cure and making it easy to fit in with your life. So yes, it’s easy to follow as it’s really very simple.


If you can remember this one line every time you take a bite of something it will help you get on the right track: "Eat as mother nature intended".


Eat as purely as you can, fresh vegetables should be 70% of your daily diet and stay away from processed foods, sugar, wheat, gluten, caffeine and alcohol. However don't panic as we believe its a lifestyle not a diet so follow this 70% of the time and 30% eat and drink what ever you want. 

Why is it so good for you?
Helping to reduce the amount of acidic foods in the body helps to cleanse so that you can absorb nutrients better, helping you to feel full of energy, have clear skin, no more bloating, experience natural weight loss, better sleep - the list is endless! 

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How did you get the idea for the business?
Everything has come from my own struggles - eating this way worked for me and I started cooking and delivering to offices 5 years ago in my little car. Word spread as far as the decision makers at Harrods and Selfridges and they asked me to launch my brand in their food halls. It has been quite a journey! 


You have a big celebrity following. How did that happen?
It’s all word of mouth. My clients love it so much they like to spread the word whether they are famous or not!


I feel very blessed that they talk kindly about it as it obviously helps spread the word of the brand. That's great as more people can benefit from trying it out and reap the benefits of being healthy and living a healthy life. 


What do you eat on a typical day?
If I train in the morning, I will have eggs with avocado or gluten-free porridge. If I don't I will make a green smoothie packed full of superfoods.


If I'm in the office, I tend to take some leftovers from dinner - so roasted veg with tahini dressing or a gluten-free grain salad with some nuts and seeds and a zesty dressing.


For dinner I will cook for me and my fiancé at home - maybe a curry or gluten-free pizza or sautéed vegetable salad with lentil burgers. 

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Which foods should we be including regularly in our diets?
GREEN VEG! Lots of them. Drink it, eat it, sleep with it just get it in your diet every day! Also lemons are very alkalising for the body, so start your day with hot water and lemon. 


What are your tips and tricks for a New Years health kick?
Find something that fits in with your lifestyle, not the other way around, as you won’t stick to it if it doesn't fit into your life.


In my new book we have 4 different cleanses from 2 days to kick start to a full 30 days, and there is a 6 day slim-down for those preparing for an event and a 6 day plan for people who go to the gym a lot. 


If youre struggling to get up in the morning, you should be eating
Less refined sugars and carbohydrates, find the healthier option.


Which three ingredients could you not cook without and why?
Don’t cook with olive oil as it’s an unstable oil and when you take it to a high temperature it turns into a trans fat which is toxic for the body.


Cook with coconut oil, sunflower oil or nut oils - apart from pumpkin and avocado. 

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Whats your food weakness?
Sweet foods. So I make lots of raw chocolate treats and the unrefined versions of things like brownies using sweet potato. I also make the sticky toffee puddings or chocolate goo pots from my new book, Honestly Healthy Cleanse


If you could abolish one dish, what would it be?
Anything processed! 


What foods trends do you think well see in 2015?
Lots of fermented foods. Millet will be on the rise as is a great gluten-free grain, and tuermic as the new superfood.


Honestly Healthy Cleanse by Natasha Corrett published by Hodder & Stoughton 

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