Does she have a tattoo? Can she play the saxophone? We answer the most Googled personal questions about the legendary Dame Judi Dench

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Dame Judi Dench

How old is Judi Dench?

How rude! One should never ask a Dame her age. But if you must know, Judi is a sprightly 79. And the secret to her youthful good looks? “I swim a lot in the sea off Cornwall. It’s very bracing”.

Where does Judi Dench live?

When she’s not busy bossing James Bond around in exotic locations, Dame Judi has a simple rural life: “I live in a village on the border of Kent, Sussex and Surrey. My daughter and grandson are there quite a lot. Otherwise it’s me, a dog and two cats.”

Is Judi Dench married?

Her beloved husband, actor Michael Williams, passed away in 2001 after a battle with lung cancer. Dame Judi is now in a relationship with wildlife conservationist, David Mills. There have even been reports of future wedding bells.

Does Judi Dench have a tattoo?

Famous for playing practical jokes on her A-lister mates, Judi D started the tattoo rumour after painting one on her bottom and showing it to movie mogul Harvey Weinstein! And does she have any more pranks planned? “No. I’m getting rather tame in my old age. I’ll have to do something … ”

Has Judi Dench won an Oscar?

Dame Judi has been nominated several times, but only won once. Shakespeare in Love was the role that added a shiny gold award to the Dench mantelpiece. Although there’s still a chance for more as she tells us: “Retire is a banned word in our house!”

Can Judi Dench play the saxophone?

The legendary Dame was blowing her own horn when she did a jazz solo in the TV movie, The Last of the Blonde Bombshells – but her musical talent ends there: “I only learnt to play a scale. And that was pretty hairy!”