Less time in the kitchen, more time with friends. Sounds like our kind of party

Throwing a dinner party is totally fab, until you realise you’ve got to do the cooking. The big food shop. Accommodate *all* the diets. Pick a playlist everyone will like. Keep the wine flowing. And that’s all before the mountain of washing up you're faced with at the end of the night. Hmmm. 

But fear not: we've found the perfect wow-the-crowd dishes. All one-pot recipes, all super-easy, super-tasty... you know it makes sense.


Consider us RSVPd.


One pot chicken sag aloo

This is a genius combo of chicken with everyone's favourite side dish, sag aloo – just add a dollop of yogurt and serve with warm naan.


One-pot pasta

Super-tasty and a total hero when that dinner party for 14 you thought you'd cancelled is this weekend. Know what goes well with chorizo and prawn pasta? Wine and good friends. Plus, this only takes 25 minutes from start to finish. Genius. 


Spiced squash and mixed grain bowl

OK, so this recipe actually involves a pan plus a slow-cooker, but the results are so delish you'll forgive it the extra 30 seconds at the kitchen sink. Gorgeous spiced squash with mixed grains and feta – you're going to want to make enough for leftovers.


One-pot roast pork and lentil braise

The beauty of cooking one-pot meat dishes is there's no risk of loosing all those gorgeous juices. In this recipe they'll help cook the lentils while the pork is busy getting nice and sticky with the honey and mustard marinade. Perfect.


Sausage, butterbean and tomato hotpot

A hotpot, you ask? At a dinner party? Before you compare this dish to something you'd see at the Rovers Return, cast your mind back to that time you'd forgotten the whole family were coming over for Sunday roast and how you're still getting it in the ear from Nana because she didn't get her spuds until 9pm. This dish wouldn't let that happen. Ever.


Chipotle and kale frittata

Ready in under 15 minutes – remember that next time you promise your friends you'll cook brunch for them after Friday-night drinks.


Spicy jerk pork and sweet potato casserole

No fuss with this dish – just serve it in big bowls and dig in, then mop up the sauce with some fresh crusty rolls.

Spicy jerk pork and sweet potato casserole

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Martin Poole