We all love cheap eats so here are some wonderful things you can get your chops around in the capital for under a tenner

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Image: The best things to eat in London for under £10

Via Twitter.com/MontysDeli

Super sarnie: the 'reuben special' from Monty’s Deli

Doughnut from Bread Ahead

Where: Borough Market
Price: £2.50
We say: the creator of the St John’s doughnut, Justin Gellatly, has set up in Borough Market and you can’t go wrong with any of these brilliant pieces of pillowy soft dough: rhubarb and custard, caramel custard with shards of salted honeycomb, a classic raspberry jam. If there was a doughnut war, Gellatly would win.

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Bread ahead doughnuts

Via Twitter/BreadAhead

Margherita pizza from Pizza Pilgrims

Where: Soho
Price: £6.50
We say: take a classic Italian dish served on a wipe-clean green checked tablecloth, add a pinch of 1960s Italian film posters and some table football and you’ll find yourself sitting in a retro trattoria … in central London.

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Pizza Pilgrim's

Via Instagram.com/Pizzapilgrim's

Bacon buttie from St John

Where: Smithfield or Spitalfields
We say: £5.70
We say: it may seem like a lot to pay for a bacon buttie but this is indisputably worth every one of those 570 pennies. You get: two large chargrilled slices of proper bread from the on-site bakery, thickly buttered and liberally stuffed with Gloucester Old Spot bacon and a smear of homemade ketchup. This is otherwise known as bacon heaven.

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Bao from Bao Bar

Where: Netil Market and soon to open in Soho
Price: £3.50
We say: soft steamed milk buns (AKA a “bao”) filled with soy-braised pork. They are finally getting a permanent home this year too. We. Can’t. Wait

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Salted billionaire’s shortbread from Paul A Young

Where: Islington, Soho or Bank
Price: £3.95
We say: if you thought Millionaire’s Shortbread couldn’t be improved then you would be wrong. Here, the classic shortbread is swapped for a crumbly chocolaty version, ordinary caramel for a thick wad of salted caramel, all rounded off with a layer of dark Valrhona chocolate. Well, it isn’t called "billionaire's" for nothing and it’s well worth the investment.

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Salted beef bagel from Beigel Bake

Where: Brick Lane
Cost: £3.70
We say: it’s hard to know what we love more: the brilliantly moist salt beef or the fact that the shop's open 24 hours.

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Lobster chowder from Smack Deli

Where: West End
Price: £4.80 (eat in)
We say: this is halfway to being a bisque: rich, creamy and bejeweled with large chunks of lobster. A real winter warmer

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Lobster chowder

Via Twitter.com/Smacklobster

Cinnamon bun from Nordic Bakery

Where: central London
Price: £2.60
We say: these gigantic, perfectly doughy cinnamon buns are a comforting hug in food form.

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Cinnamon buns

Via PR

A 'reuben special' from Monty’s Deli

Where: Maltby Street Market
Price: £9
We say: the pastrami, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, yellow mustard and sauerkraut on light rye bread is pretty good, but the "special" has an extra topping of salt beef and is incredible. Note to self: always, always ask for the special.

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Monty's Deli

Via Twitter.com/MontysDeli

Hackney Wild classic sourdough from E5 Bakehouse

Where: London Fields
Price: £3.50
We say: Michel Roux Jr says that this loaf “turns me on” and we’re not sure we need to add anything to that

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E5 Bakehouse

Via Twitter.com/e5bakehouse

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