These budget bloggers make sure food tastes great and costs less. We're in

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This is a budget recipe. Seriously.

Feeling the squeeze before that paycheck lands in the bank? With the help of the best budget bloggers the internet has to offer, there will be no need to raid the kids' piggy bank (er, not that we'd actually do that, of course).


1. The Skint Foodie

Nearly everyone on the budget foodie scene has heard of this guy, but here's the lowdown just in case you haven't: Tony was a high-flying, platinum Amex-holding mover and shaker who lost everything to alcoholism, depression and breakdown. Through it all he retained a massive love of food and discovered ways of eating well on very little money.


The blog hasn't been updated for nearly a year but you'll still find more than 200 recipes on there with a great story to match. Highly recommended.

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2. Jack Monroe

Famous for her food-activism and creative budget recipes, Jack Monroe leads the budget blogger brigade. Her blog is still loyally updated (despite two recipe books to her name) and every recipe has a price point to remind you just how cheap it is to make. Highlights include smoky vegan hot dogs, homemade ramen and double chocolate Guinness muffins … it'd be easy to go on.

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Ooh ... gooey egg


3. North South Food

Put together by dream team Miss South and Mister North, these recipes show just how great frugal food can be. We love the coconut spelt tart (a reinvented version of the much-loved treacle tart), Asian-style chicken meatballs (you'll want those for dinner) and cream of potato soup (massively underrated). 

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Cream of potato soup: a few strips of smoked salmon and fresh dill make it rather indulgent


4. Caroline Taylor

Elderflower and white chocolate shortbread, pea, carrot and paneer pilaf and sloe and hedgerow gin; as Caroline points out herself, "Humble food doesn't have to be humdrum." In her delectable world of deliciousness, we have to believe her.


There's also the regular 'Feed 4 for £6' recipes, perfect if you want to have mates over before payday and inspiration to get you foraging for food, for free!

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Yes we love pan-fried paneer (milk curd cheese if you're not familiar)


5. Nellie Bellie

Funny, honest and full of personality, Nellie's blog is a joy to read and cook from, not to mention there's also a free downloadable art print every week. Gobble up budget-friendly healthier dishes such as baked cabbage pie and chicken and tomato cobbler then, as Nellie puts it, balance it out by buying the family big fat burgers.

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6. Fuss Free Flavours

The most easy-to-navigate budget blog we've come across, search Helen's extensive recipe repertoire by ingredient, by cost and by fuss factor. Highlights include easy freeze-ahead chicken kebabs and spiced pumpkin, carrot and sweet potato soup. Dig in!

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7. Pocket Change Gourmet

You might be used to more fancy pics, but we'd still say give this blog a go. Our top recipes include Irish beef stew served with cornbread muffins, slow-cooker chilli and the knockout ham (pictured below), which is perfect for a budget chicken and ham pie. Ooh, we're feeling warmer already!

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8. Oh My Veggies

We all know a quick way to cut back is to cut out the meat and this blog leads the way for vegan and vegetarian cooking. Honestly, even the most stubborn carnivore will be impressed with these dishes and the photos make them look lush, too. Grilled caprese naan pizza anyone? 

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9. Laura Fuentes

Clean-looking and sharp-shooting, Laura cooks for an army of kids and has loads of budget recipes to choose from. We love her quick frying-pan lasagne, Italian baked beans and out-of-this-world Cinnabon-inspired pancakes and that's just for starters.

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