Say goodbye to curled up sarnies with these oh-so-pretty and oh-so-tasty picnic recipes

Nothing says summer quite like a picnic and, to celebrate all things summery, we've taken blanket feasts to the next level. We've ditched those half-hearted bland snacks, warm sarnies and soggy salads for the kind of eat-me-now food your friends will love you even more for. 


So grab a blanket, call some mates and try some of this gorgeous grub. Oh, and get your Instagram at the ready, folks...


Roasted veg, freekeh and feta salad with a yogurt and mint dressing

Knock up this eye-wateringly beautiful salad to impress your picnic pals. Combining freekah, pomegranate, squash and courgette, the aromatic flavours of harissa gives this salad an authentic North African taste. Serve with a yogurt and mint dressing on the side and you're good to serve to the masses. Get your freekah on. 


Rainbow summer rolls with a quick satay sauce


Inject a rainbow of colours to your picnic with these summer rolls of joy, cheerfully bright and simple to make using carrots, peppers and cabbage. Show off your DIY skills and make your own satay sauce to dip the rolls in. Why not turn up the spice factor with a splash of tabasco? The perfect dish for a sharing platter. 


Vegan raspberry and cacao cheesecake bars

Containing cashew, raspberry and cacao, this little sweet treat is an all round-crowd pleaser. Vegan? Yep. No refined sugars? Yep. Freezeable? Yes, sir! You can make a big batch of these cheesecake bars ahead of time, pop them in the freezer and and have them ready to serve on the day of your picnic. It's an A-star from us. Pretty too, aren't they?


Scotch egg pie

Scotch eggs in a pie? Genius – you won't need to tempt us any further for this slice of paradise. A gentle warning though, this will disappear fast. Make sure you have enough to feed the picnic revellers. Or make two, just in case. 



King prawns with a cucumber, lemon zest and dill dip

No real picnic is complete without a dip, and this lemon zest and dill one is fresh, zingy and raring to go. Make a big batch of this dip, as it makes a rather lovely accompaniment to falafels and vegetarian sandwich fillers as well as prawns.


Lamb lollipops with a sticky pomegranate glaze

Lay your eyes on these beautiful creations. A fun way of serving a meaty snack on a stick – easy, simple and perfect for minimal picnic mess. The ras el hanout and pomegrante flavours make these lamb lollipops a stand-out addition to any picnic. Serve with a nice cool yogurt dip to even out the flavours. Yum.


Beetroot and goat's cheese terrine

If this isn't Insta-worthy, we don't know what is. Goat's cheese and beetroot make up the gorgeous layers of purple-y pinks in this stunning terrine. Guaranteed to be one of the centre-pieces at any picnic, make sure you give it the drum roll it quite rightly deserves. And as it's made with only four ingredients, it's a picnic superstar. 


Spicy peri peri-style pork ribs


Ribs! Who doesn't like ribs (unless you're vegan/vegetarian, of course). A platter of spicy ribs are bound to go down a treat at your picnic. These peri peri ribs are slow-cooked so they absorb all the lovely spices and keep the meat nice and tender. Wrap them up in aluminium foil after cooking and just before you head out, so you can still serve these babies up warm. 


Juicy watermelon, feta and mint salad

Fresh, fruity and light. This watermelon, mint and feta salad is summer on a plate and makes a great side to meats or denser picnic dishes. The juicy watermelon is beautifully offset with the salty crumbly chunks of feta. Throw in radish, pine nuts and peppery watercress and you've got yourself the perfect picnic salad. 


Vegan turmeric tofu kebabs



Partner up these tofu and turmeric kebabs with onions and peppers and serve with a lovely yogurt dip. You can keep both your vegan and non-vegan friends satisfied with this one, as it makes a great filler for sandwiches or bread pockets. No mouth shall leave hungry at your picnic!


Mushroom sausage rolls

Sausage rolls: the ultimate British picnic staple. We've swapped the meat for mushrooms in this version, which means everyone at the picnic can enjoy them. Throw in shiitake, chestnut and button mushrooms and a pinch of thyme to blend the earthy flavours in this delicious combo. You'll be knocking up these chaps at all your summer parties.


Pineapple coconut yogurt lollies


No picnic is complete without an icy treat and these guys get the job done nicely. Round-up your picnic soirée with a batch of pretty pineapple popsicles – they'll go down a treat on an extra hot day. The creamy coconut yogurt works beautifully with the dark chocolate dip – just be sure to keep some extra ice in your cool bag.


Chorizo, manchego and herb pull-apart bread

Make your picnic-prep a walk in the park, with this pull-apart bread that looks the part too. There's no need for slicing or buttering with this gorgeous sandwich-style combination in one. Delicious chunks of chorizo and manchego make this bread option a cracking addition to any picnic. Better still, it serves up well either warm or cold.