You'll never look back

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Image: This is how you peel a whole head of garlic in seconds

Gif: Homemade

No one likes that garlic scent that seems to soak into your skin and lingers on your fingers for days. If you've ever had someone apply those fingers to your face, you'll know it isn't all too pleasant.

But what is this? You can peel all that garlic just by bashing it inside a jar. Simply plonk the cloves in and give it a good old shake. It doesn't even need to be a jar, either; just any old vessel with a lid and some space to shake (cake tin/tupperware, you name it, it works.)

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peeling ends

Photo: Homemade


All you have to do is shake vigorously for a few seconds, et voilà! Now you've discovered this amazing hack, what better way to celebrate your new found speed than make this 40 clove garlic chicken?


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You big show off.