Moo-ve over milk. Because nuts, beans, seeds and grains make udderly great dairy-free milk alternatives

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Chocolate and hazelnut dairy-free shake



Chocolate and hazelnut dairy-free shakemight just put the cows out of business

Whether you’re dairy-free or just fancy a break from the white stuff, there's loads of alternative milks you could be sipping with ice or splashing on cereal.


And while we know you can simply buy them, turning your kitchen into a dairy-free dairy is one way to know exactly what's going in them ... plus, it's really quite easy.


Step 1: a long soak

Any nut, seed or bean you want to milk needs to be soaked (usually overnight) in water before you start. This makes them much softer, but the longer you leave them, the creamier and tastier your milk will be.


Step 2: roasting

In the case of nut milks, roasting the nuts before you blend them really boosts the flavour: spread them out on a baking tray and pop in a warm oven for 10 minutes. Mind you don't burn them ... you're looking for a nice toasty aroma as the heat releases the natural oils.

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Add flavourings to your nuts before you roast them (in this case cocoa powder and spice) 


Step 3: blending and straining

Give your soaked nuts, seeds or beans a quick rinse, then blend with fresh water according to your recipe (scroll down for our pick of the internet's best). Strain through a cheesecloth and you're good to go.


Step 4: experimenting

This is the fun part. Once you've milked those fellas for all they've got, it's time to experiment. Forget the land of milk and honey, you're about to walk into the refreshing world of iced coffee, nut and seed-shakes, ice-cream and fro-yo. Moovellous.

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Almond and macadamia milk iced coffee ... is that one for us?


Time to meet the milks

Our round-up of the best dairy-free milk recipes on the web at the moment:


1. Almond milk

The one everyone's fallen in love with – save yourself some money and make your own.

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almond milk

Photo: Homemade

Almond milk: you couldn't tell the difference by looking


2. Cocomilk

Homemade coconut milk is much better than the stuff from the can: make it by blending fresh coconut and water together or boiling unsweetened coconut flakes in water before straining.

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Delicious non-milk milk


3. Soya milk

The original non-milk milk to hit supermarket shelves. Try this edamame bean recipe (it turns out edamame are just baby soy beans – who knew?) for a version you can't buy in the shops*.


*Yet. We give it a week.

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It's green. Weird, we know


4. Hemp milk

With a herby and ever-so-slightly bitter flavour, hemp milk is for hardcore moo-free milkers, though you can use coconut oil, honey or vanilla to soften the flavour.

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One they made earlier ...


5. Hazelnut milk

Smooth and sweet, hazelnut milk is one of our favourites ... and great in a nutshake!

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Hazelnut milk

Angela Liddon via

So hazelnuts aren't just for Nutella?


6. Oat milk

Amazingly creamy and even works in tea. Amen to that.

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Oaty goodness


7. Sesame seed milk

Who knew you could get something so good looking from a whole load of sesame pulp?

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Gosh, it's so white


8. Pistachio milk

Pistachios are a pretty pricey but apparently this is amazing in coffee.

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Makes a superb cuppa

Which moo-free milk gets your vote? Or have we missed a really good one? Let us know in the comments box below or tweet us @Homemade ...