Pancake Day just got a whole lot batter with these incredibly achievable pieces of pancake art. All you need is a pancake recipe, a squeezy bottle, and some hungry friends

We were so impressed by all the amazing pancake art doing the rounds that we decided to have a bash at doing our own. To be honest, we weren't hugely optimistic about how well it would go because we're not even a bit arty. But guess what? It's loads easier than it looks!


All you need are some squeezy plastic sauce bottles, a batch of classic pancake batter, a few blobs of food colouring and some cocoa powder. It's as simple as that!


The secret is to have one bottle for doing the outlines, and another runnier bottle for filling in the spaces. Don't lose heart when your first one is a total disaster. Ours exploded out of the bottle into a horrible burnt mess when we started, but after a few attempts we were away. Stick at it – every great artist makes a mess first time. 

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Pancake ingredients


Make the batter

Follow this ridiculously easy recipe using just a tin can and split your batter into two batches. Add a splash of milk to batch 2 (about 50ml) to make it thinner and divide it into squeezy bottles.


Add some colour

Add a bit of sifted cocoa powder to the thicker mixture to use for the outlines, and add different food colours to the others. When it comes to colour, more is definitely more.


Off you go! 

Use your thick brown mixture to create outlines in your pan, and fill in the spaces with thinner mixture. Keep the temperature on the hob nice and low so as not to burn the bottom. Once you've got the wind in your sails, the world is your oyster. Just look what we made...

Heart within a heart

Pancake flowers

The Easter bunny

Olaf the snowman