It's pastry week on Bake Off! If you don't even know where to start, follow our quick tips – you'll smash it in no time

The stress of making pastry gets to nearly everyone on The Great British Bake Off, and it's almost enough to put us off baking for life.




Because we've found these simple pastry hacks for people who can't make pastry. So our baking dreams are still in tact, and we're reassured that yes, we too might make it into that GBBO tent one day…


1. Use half lard, half butter

It improves the texture, taste and colour for perfect shortcrust pastry.

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Use half lard


2. Add icing sugar for sweet pastry

It makes it extra crisp and tasty. We love this sweet pastry recipe for a classic custard tart.

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Add icing sugar


3. Grate parmesan into savoury pastry

Then you can secretly eat cheese and pastry at the same time.

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Grate Parmesan


4. Roll out pastry with icing sugar if it's sweet

But don’t use too much! Just a couple of tablespoons will do: the more you use, the tougher it gets…

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Roll out pastry


5. Rubbish at rolling out? 

Grate frozen pastry dough into the tart case and push out with your fingers to line the tin.

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Rolling out pastry hack

Via: Homemade


6. Remember cool hands, cool surface

Wash your hands under cool water if they’re hot and bothered, then use our foolproof recipes for rough puff or traditional shortcrust pastry.


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