So much better than charred sausages and sad buns

Sweet, sweet August: that final month of summer sun, dry grass and, most importantly, the gift of eating outside. 


Naturally, the best way to make the most of the warm time's final hurrah (here's looking at you, Bank Holiday) is with a family and friends-surrounded barbecue. 


But this time, step away from the limp buns, charred sausages and too much ketchup. 


Instead, try out gently grilled and honeyed salmon, succulent spatchcock chicken and delicate ribbons of salad prettiness – all courtesy of recipes from the very fancy Hideki Maeda, head chef of Japanese fusion restaurant Nobu London.


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Grilled chicken with spicy lemon garlic 

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Whole chicken


Cherry tomatoes on the vine


Wild asparagus, one bunch


2 lemons, sliced


For the spicy lemon sauce


2 tbsp soy sauce


1 tsp garlic purée


½ tsp sea salt


Freshly ground black pepper


4 tbsp grapeseed oil


1 tsp cayenne pepper


50ml lemon juice



To make the sauce, combine all the ingredients except oil. When the salt is fully dissolved, add the oil a little at a time and mix well.​ 


Next, spatchcock the chicken by removing the backbone and flattening it out (or ask your butcher to do this). Next, pat the meat dry with a paper towel.


Combine your spicy lemon garlic sauce and pour over the chicken, ensuring all sides are covered. Place the chicken in a bowl and cover tightly with clingfilm – allow to marinate in the refrigerator for one hour.


Next, preheat the grill. Lightly wipe off any excess sauce and then place the chicken on the grill. Cook until the surface of the meat has browned.


Meanwhile, place the cherry tomatoes, asparagus and lemon on the grill to cook.


To serve, arrange the meat on the serving dish and squeeze fresh lemon juice and some extra spicy lemon garlic sauce on the top, to taste. Garnish with the grilled cherry tomatoes, lemon and asparagus.

Honey soy marinated grilled salmon

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Fresh salmon fillet (about 1kg, cut into 4-5 pieces)


2 large sweet potatoes


Cooking oil




Black pepper


3 tbsp olive oil


For the honey soy sauce 


4 tbsp soy sauce


3 tbsp honey


1 tbsp fresh lemon juice


8 slices of lemon




First, prepare the honey soy sauce in a small bowl, by combining all the ingredients, except the sliced lemon. 


Next, place the cut salmon fillet in a bowl. Pour the honey soy sauce over the salmon, cover, refrigerate and leave to marinate for about 30 minutes.


Heat the grill. Remove the salmon from the marinade and place skin-side down. Cover and grill over a medium heat for about 10-20 minutes, intermittently brushing (two or three times) with honey soy sauce until the surface becomes a nice brown colour.


To serve, transfer the salmon to a serving dish and place the sliced lemon on top.

Paper-thin salad with red pepper dressing 

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5g chopped red chilli


1 piece red pepper (grilled and skin off)


1 tbsp sea salt


100ml rice vinegar


120ml grapeseed oil


Freshly ground black pepper


3 carrots


2 baby courgettes


2 baby turnips


1 red onion


2 baby beetroot


2 asparagus spears 


Bowl of ice water




To make the dressing, process the chilli, pepper, salt and vinegar until well mixed and the chilli is finely chopped. Slowly add the grapeseed oil until well blended.


Next, prep the salad. Keeping the beetroot to one side, slice the vegetables lengthways very thinly using a mandolin grater into a bowl of iced water. Leave them in the iced water for one hour to become crunchy.


Repeat the same process with the beetroot, but place the slices in a separate bowl of water, to stop the colour running into the other vegetables. Rinse until water becomes clear, then add some ice to chill. Drain the vegetables and beetroot, then mix them together.


To serve, cover the base of your serving dish with the red pepper dressing and place the vegetable salad in the centre. 

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