So, you’ve got a load of coconuts but you don't know how to crack them. Fear not: here's how …

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Jeez … will it ever open?

They're the ingredient of the moment but they're a tough nut to crack. So what's the best way?


1. The hammer blow

Kit needed: Nail, hammer and bowl.


Pros: More sophisticated than it looks, this technique involves hammering a nail or screwdriver into each of the coconut's eyes (poor fella) then draining the coconut water into a bowl. Whack the whole thing repeatedly in a circular motion until it cracks. 


Cons: Watch your fingers. Ouch!

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2. Paleo-style

Kit needed: A rock. Oh, and your inner caveman.


Pros: Handy if you find yourself in the wild. Or on The Island with Bear Grylls where coconuts are pretty much all you have.


Cons: You'll look like an ape while you're doing it and you'll lose the water (unless you drain your coconut first).

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How to crack a coconut on a rock



3. The rolling pin

Kit needed: Rolling pin, tea towel and a flat surface (the ground will do).


Pros: Recommended by Homemade's food team as the safest method they've tried (and let's face much better than the traditional method of using the blunt side of a blade). Simply wrap your coconut in a tea towel, place on a flat surface and give it a single firm whack with the rolling pin in the centre.


Cons: You'll need to drain it beforehand (but that's easy with a corkscrew).

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With a rolling pin that size, the coconut doesn't have a chance


4. And our favourite? The oven

Kit needed: An oven.


Pros: For those less confrontational, put your coconut in a baking tray (to catch the water) and leave in a preheated oven (190°C) for 10 minutes until you see a crack developing like this one. You'll still need to bash it to bits but it'll take much less effort.


Cons: We don't think there is one.

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And this ISN'T how you should do it

Though fair play, she does get it open …

Coconut drop

carizzimo via YouTube



Homemade cannot take responsibility for any injuries resulting from the methods listed above. Please take care and use the proper safety precautions.

Whichever method you pick, freezing your coconut before you crack it makes it much easier to remove the flesh from the shell (also peel off any skin with a vegetable peeler). Tell us how you got on via Twitter @Homemade