Let's gourmet our gluten-free crisp breads and revamp our rice cakes. These snacks will see you through those afternoons when time is dragging

Image: Cracking crackers: how to make the humble desk-side snack taste epic

Via: Sainsbury's

It's easy to get snackisfied (satisfied by your snack choice – keep up) when it's sunny out, and even a mouthful of ice cubes tastes heavenly when your break feels like a mini holiday. But what about when it's drizzly? Or getting dark at 3.30pm and you've still got a pile of work to do?


Well, you and your afternoon break are just going to have to try harder. Grab your favourite cracker – the ultimate afternoon snack, filling a hole without ruining dinner – and top it with one of these winning flavour combos. Never scrape the bottom of the communal marg tub again. You know you're better than that. 


The sweet crackers

Sweet rice cracker snack

Via: Sainsbury's

The possibilities are endless if you're after a sweet cracker topping. Just remember, the love story that is chocolate and a microwave have serious potential for an unhappy ending, so stir every 15 seconds to avoid heartbreak.

The cracker: unsalted rice cakes, because they remind us of Rice Krispies.

The toppings: peanut butter, strawberry and banana dipped in dark chocolate and coconut shavings, and dark chocolate with Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, granola, dried mango and cranberries.


The crackers for foodies

cheese cracker snack

Via: Sainsbury's

Whether you fancy yourself as a bit of a foodie or you're having a mug of al-desko wine for Jean from accounts' birthday, this is the posh snack for you. Fresh figs, blue cheese, proscuttio – it's all there and it's making you even more excited for dinner. 

The cracker: cheddar and poppy seed, for extra cheese factor. 

The toppings: prosciutto, fresh fig, honey and goat's cheese, and fresh pear, blue cheese and honey.


The crackers you can make with stolen fridge food

fridge desk side snack

Via: Sainsbury's

There is no office fridge in the country that doesn't contain a tub of cream cheese, houmous and some forgotten veg trimmings. No one will notice if you help yourself to a little of each. 

The cracker: Gluten-free Italian style, for a snack that's practically gourmet.

The toppings: houmous, grilled orange or red pepper, radish, basil and black pepper, and cream cheese, cucumber, dill and black pepper. 


The uber veggie one

veggie desk side snack

Via: Sainsbury's

Granted, a little prep is required for this one, but it's boiling an egg. The only actual hard part is making sure it doesn't crack in your bag on your way to work. The second topping is a seriously good pesto pasta inspired recipe – use the jarred stuff if you want, but if your office has a NutriBullet, just throw some olive oil, fresh basil, parmesan and garlic in for a quick blitz. Bosh. Nosh. 

The cracker: Sesame seed-topped flatbreads for a mellow flavour with extra crunch.

The toppings: Marmite, egg and extra-strong cheddar, and pesto, red onion, tomato and fresh basil.


The fancy schmancy fish crackers


Via: Sainsbury's

Don't you dare let the potential whiff of smoked salmon or salty anchovies stop you making these corkers. If anyone complains, just send a cracker their way and they will forgive you in an instant. The fresh lemon is a must – keep leftover slices for your green tea. #foodangel

The cracker: dark rye crispbread to soak up those oils. 

The toppings: anchovies, black pepper mayo, roasted red peppers and fresh basil, and cream cheese, smoked salmon, lemon juice and fresh dill.