Find out how to cook a steak like the professionals, what to do if the only heat source available is an army tank, and how to eat like a predatory dinosaur trying to win a bet

So now you know how to cook steak like a pro, you can concentrate on another ingredient often considered crucial to the whole steak experience: testosterone. How much you choose to use will have a profound effect on the finished dish.


World’s most expensive steak challenge

You have one hour to eat an entire 120oz steak – anyone that doesn't finish will have to pay for their prime piece of meat. Will Furious Pete be shelling out $250?

Testosterone rating: high

Via YouTube / Furious Pete


Small is beautiful

Lover of all things miniature RRcherrypie cooks tiny hamburgers on a pink 1970s toy stove: supercute!

Testosterone rating: minuscule

Via YouTube / RRcherrypie Group


The steak & egger sandwich

Arnold Schwarzenegger and a man with a beard cook a gigantic steak sandwich using a tank.

Testosterone rating: off the scale

Via YouTube / Epic Meal Time


Mr Bean – steak tartare

Finally and just for fun, a demonstration of what happens when expectation and reality clash at the dining table.

Testosterone rating: laughable

Via YouTube / Mr.Bean