We GIF these ghoulishly good (and kind of adorable) burgers for Halloween

Check out our GIF guide to making monster burgers, right in time for Halloween. They're terrifyingly simple and ghoulishly good. 


How to make monster burgers

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Via: Homemade

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Via: Homemade


Makes 1 burger
You'll need:

  • Burger bun
  • Cooked beef or veggie burger
  • Cooked streaky bacon
  • Processed cheese slices
  • Baby tomatoes
  • Baby gherkins



  1. Use a bun base, add a burger patty and a squirt of blood (otherwise known as ketchup).
  2. Cut a piece of cooked bacon in half and stick it halfway out the bun like a tongue.
  3. Cut processed cheese slices into triangles for some terrifying teeth.
  4. Top with seeded burger bun.
  5. Cut a baby tomato into quarters, hollow out the wet seedy bit and fill with a bit of gherkin. Stick on top with a cocktail stick to make goggly eyes.

Happy Halloween!

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Via: Homemade