Prepare for a dose of All Hallows' Eve artistry

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Halloween prep time is on, people. There are jumbo bags of Haribo to buy, witches hats to make and, of course, pumpkins to carve. A whole lot of pumpkins, actually - Sainsbury's will sell a whopping one million carving pumpkins and an additional 140,000 cooking pumpkins this year alone. Phew! 


But is pumpkin carving easy? Nope. Come 31st October, the stubbornly hard-to-chop-through squash is the bane of pushed parents everywhere. And, just to make you feel that little bit worse, there are folk out there who make legitimate works of art out the old orange ball.


You're right, they do have too much time on their hands. But still. Let's take a moment to bow down to their All Hallows' Eve mastery before the painstaking process of trying to dig out a face into a giant orange vegetable begins again. 


1. Terrifying tongue-out pumpkin

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2. Really scary Joker pumpkin 

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Via: DoggieDoc83 /


3. The super intricate, Aztec-pattern style pumpkin 

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4. The superhero pumpkin

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5. This terribly stern-looking Native American chief pumpkin 

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Via: Ray Villafane /


6. The '"but I need to Instagram right now'" pumpkin 

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Via: Twitter/ Mr_Mike_Clarke


7. This genuinely unsettling scary faced pumpkin

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8. This not-exactly-scary-but-really-tasty-looking cheeseburger pumpkin

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Lights4fun Via: Pinterest


9. This super brainy pumpkin 

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Via: Mister JP /


10. The pant-wetting pumpkin-head-man pumpkin

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All brilliant, all totally, completely and utterly beyond our amateur abilities. 


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