Messy melted marshmallows look like actual art with this rather ingenious Halloween hack

No time to lovingly craft witches’ silhouettes out of homemade biscuits this year (or any year, actually)? Fret not, we (accidentally) discovered a way to turn microwaved marshmallows and chocolate cupcakes into a terrifying Halloween scene, and it only takes a few minutes.


What you need


  • A bowlful of white marshmallows
  • Some ready-made chocolate cupcakes
  • A couple of plastic spiders


1. Melt the marshmallows in the microwave for 10 seconds

Report image
Marshmallows in a bowl


2. Watch closely to avoid this sorry mess


Report image
Melted marshmallows


3. Arrange your cupcakes on a board (black slate looks great if you have it)


Report image
Cupcakes on a board


4. While your marshmallows are still gooey, weave a spidery web by dragging the stringy bits haphazardly across your cupcakes 


Report image
Marshmallows GIF

5. Done! Arachnophobes, look away now …

Report image
Final cupcakes