For there are plenty of spooky snacks beyond chocolate eyeballs and sugar-scattered jelly worms

Halloween is creepily creeping up. If you're in charge of some excitable under-10s, that means it's time to get thinking all things pumpkin-carving, cotton-wool-web-weaving and mini-witch-costume-making. 


Aside from all the crafty fun, sugar-coated E numbers are usually the order of the day. But if you're putting on your own spook-tacular soirée, why not crack out some little people-friendly foods that won't give you the eerie sensation of an instant cavity?


Here are some fun ideas they'll love that you'll actually enjoy, too. 


1. Blood-stained cake

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Red velvet cake is delicious, as we are all very well aware. Add an artfully dripping splatter of crimson icing, stick a toy knife in the top and hey, presto: a perfectly subversive Halloween party treat. 


Get the recipe here


2. Pumpkin pretzels 

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White chocolate-covered pretzels sounds like the perfect muddle of sweet and salty, no? A dash of orange food colouring and a handful of green M&Ms turn these into a spooky snack. 


See how to make them


3. Spider cookies 

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You really can't argue with Oreos, can you? Liquorice legs and fondant icing eyes transform the biscuit into a creep-crawly treat. 


How-to this way


4. Spider pork bites 

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Pulled pork, good. Crispy pastry, good. Top with a toy spider and job's a good 'un. 


Get the recipe here 


5. Mummy biscuits 

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Biggest doddle ever. Wrap up biscuits in white chocolate, drizzle some extra for texture then pop on black icing eyes. Terribly moreish. 


Recipe this way 


7. Spooky fruit skewers

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After all that sugar, you'll be glad of a dose of vitamins. These fruity babies have scary faces atop kiwi, marshmallow and melon – best of both worlds. 


Here's how to make them 


8. Cheese monsters

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Roll up a dollop of cream cheese and smash into tangy cheddar for a whole world of fun. 


Step-by-step here



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