Tired of apple bobbing? Check out these foodie Halloween party games instead

When the kids descend on you in all their Halloween fancy dress finery, keep them busy with these fun foodie games.


Halloween mystery boxes

Fill small boxes with cold cooked spaghetti for brains, corn kernels for monster teeth, peeled grapes for eyeballs and long slices of banana for witches' tongues. Get the kids to take it in turns to have a feel around in each box and ask them to guess the gruesome contents inside. When you don't know what it is, this is properly gross.

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Jelly snake search

Make a load of jelly worms (using our quick recipe here), put an equal number of them on to plates and cover with whipped cream. The first kiddiwink to find all their jelly worms and move them on to another plate wins but they can only use their teeth, which makes it much, much harder.

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Wild witch pitch

Forget Quidditch. Halloween is all about witch pitch. Make a board for the kids to play with (instructions here), then arm them with a number of sweets each. The one who gets the most of their sweets into the plastic cups fixed to the board (or mini cauldrons, if you can find them) is crowned king. 

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Shrunken head bobbing

Like apple bobbing, only creepier. Peel some apples, cut out ghoulish faces and float them in a big bowl of Ribena.

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Find the eyeball in the haystack

Not quite as difficult as the proverbial needle. Paint a ping-pong ball to look like a bloody eye or use an 'eyeball' foil-wrapped chocolate. Hide in a plastic container or box filled with straw and time each child to see how long it takes them to find it – the one with the fastest time wins. 

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Butternut bowling

A seasonal twist on everyone's favourite game and much cheaper than paying to use a real alley. Strike!

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Pumpkin popcorn race

Make a whole load of popcorn, set some hollowed-out pumpkins an equal distance apart and get the kids to race to fill them up. When everyone's done you can take the pumpkins inside and watch the Nightmare Before Christmas. Sorted.

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Jumpin' doughnuts

Hang some doughnuts in a row (make them pumpkin-flavoured for a seasonal spin) and see who can eat them quickest. A trick and a treat all at the same time.

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Guess how many meringue 'bones' in the jar

Make lots of meringue 'bones' using this recipe, fill a large jar with them and then ask the kids to guess how many are in there. You can share the contents out later or break them up and mix them with cream to make a not-so-bony Eton mess.

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Spooky piñata

​You'll be so proud of this creation, it'll be a bit sad when the kids start to whack it to bits. Ah well, there's always next year. 

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