Looking for a standout centrepiece for your Halloween party? Take your pick from these awesome bakes

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Ghost cake

Annie/CC BY-SA 2.0/adapted/Flickr: 27129991@N03

Whether you’re having a Halloween party for the grown-ups or one for the kids, it won’t be the same without one of these show-stopping cakes. And, unlike many of the grotesque creations on the internet made out of mountains of sculptured icing, you don’t need to be a professional baker to make them. Good stuff. 


1. Bloody Halloween cake

Stick a knife into it to up the drama…

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2. Oreo spider cake

Even if you've got arachnophobia, you have to admit these biscuit spiders look pretty cute.

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3. Five-eyed monster cake

We can't help but feel watched…

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4. Salted caramel apple Snickers cake

Possibly the most indulgent cake ever. We'd choose this over apple bobbing any day.

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5. Halloween ombré cake

Who could fail to be impressed by four layers of delectable sponge?

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6. Creeping cat pumpkin cheesecake

Unleash your inner artist by drawing a chocolate cat on to your cheesecake before baking – don't worry, there's a free clipart template to help.

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7. Red velvet slaughter cake

Something terrible went on here. Fortunately you can eat the evidence!

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8. Spider web cheesecake

Stylish and spooky – if you bake one thing this Halloween, make sure it's this.

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9. Meringue ghost cake

Cover a plain sponge cake with vanilla buttercream, chill for 30 minutes then cover with a small amount of cooled chocolate ganache so it drips down over the edge. Top with mini meringue ghosts.

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Meringue ghost cake

Annie/CC BY-SA 2.0/adapted/Flickr: 27129991@N03


10. Halloween pumpkin cake

As you bake the pumpkin bit of the cake in the microwave and use ready-to-roll icing to decorate, this spooktacular bake is much easier than it looks.

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Halloween pumpkin cake

Via: Homemade


11. Hidden spider cake

Scare the living daylights out of your guests when you cut into this cake and allow dozens of spiders to come crawling out. Once you get over the shock, the cake is pretty darn tasty too, which is certainly a bonus. 

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12. Brain cake

This looks ghoulishly complicated, but is actually totally achievable for anyone who's ever mucked around with Playdoh. 

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13. Monster eyeball cake

This is stupidly easy and only requires a but of artistry with some Oreo biscuits and small sugar-coated chocolates, like Minstrels or Smarties. Definitely one for the kids – or their slightly inept parents – to try.

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14. Frankenstein cupcakes

It should be illegal for a Frankenstein to be quite this cute.

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15. Slime cupcake

This is so effective considering the main bulk of the decoration is achieved by spilling some brightly coloured icing on some darker coloured icing. Easily achievable, in other words, no matter how little time you have. 

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