The toaster can be fancy too, you know

"I guess I'll just have toast for dinner," you mumble to yourself, trudging home after a miserable day. The only thing you want to greet you when you walk through the door is Mr Toaster and his mates, Sofa and Blanket.


But toast for dinner can actually be quite a wonderful thing. So, before you start grating a bit of every cheese in the fridge to put on your toast, have a look at this. A list of seriously fancy, incredibly indulgent toast recipes that'll make you feel like a million dollars – even if you do just eat them in your PJs. 


Here are the dishes that’ll have you feeling smug and full of beans (and yet, not) in no time.  


Bruschetta with parma ham and rocket

So, so easy to throw together – spend 10 minutes in the kitchen and the rest of the night pretending you’re in a restaurant on holiday somewhere hot. Goes great with a glass of white vino too, incidentally.


Cheat’s tournedos rossini

Absolute midweek perfection. Sorry beans, you’re not on the list.


Cheese toasty soup

Toast doesn’t have to fly solo – this recipe calls for it in all its cheesy gorgeousness on top of a steaming bowl of comforting soup. Joyous.


Eggs royale

Who says eggs have to stay exclusively on the brunch menu? This smoked salmon eggs royale with creamy hollandaise sauce is to die for, and you can even use bread if you don’t have any English muffins – we think sourdough would taste great.


Hazelnut s’more toast

Sometimes a bad day requires pudding for dinner, and that’s why s’mores was invented. We assume. To be eaten wearing fluffy slippers, preferably with a dog falling asleep on your lap. 


Mushrooms and white beans on toast

A classic that doesn’t seem to get much love any more, which is a shame because it’s an absolute corker of a dish. Silky mushrooms and creamy white beans with garlic and buttery toast – that’s how you turn a bad day around.


Slow cooker caponata

And finally, if you really want to show your toast a good time, get ahead and cook this epic slow cooker caponata, packed with feel-good veg and served with olives and toasted pine nuts. Got a toaster at work? Keep the leftovers for tomorrow’s packed lunch.