With nothing more than a squeezy bottle and some batter Nathan Shields has turned pancake-making into a genuine art form

Nathan Shields is an illustrator, maths teacher and dad who realised he had a bit of a knack for pancakes while the family were living in Saipan (an American island in the Pacific Ocean). Saipancakes was born.

Nathan and his two kids, Gryphon and Alice, post their incredible creations on their blog and YouTube channel. Check out some of their masterpieces and some amazing videos here.

To boldly breakfast

The very impressive cast of the original Star Trek.

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Japes with apes

Primates recreated in loving detail.


The Walking Dead

For this one Nathan teamed up with fellow pancake artist Kevin Blankenship to recreate the cast of The Walking Dead in all their battery glory.

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In full Halloween style, blood-splattered zombies.

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Jurassic parcake

These ones even have movable jaws.

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Flora and fauna

Complete with yeti.

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Lewis Carroll

To celebrate the anniversary of the publication of Alice in Wonderland in 1865, a special pancake portrait for Nathan's daughter Alice.

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Under the sea in style. In Nathan's own words, "Nothing says 'good morning' like a plateful of delicious tentacles".

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Happy birthday to Évariste Galois

"October 25th – genius, romantic, and tragic hero". So this guy's a mathematician, you say?



Nathan's very first creation. Just a reminder that everyone has to start somewhere.

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