A root member of the mustard family, the mighty radish is in season

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Image: What's in season? Radishes

Photo: Jeff Gitchel / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: trainorphans

Those glorious red bulbs …

Radish season has arrived! These crisp, almost spicy root vegetables are a much-loved member of the mustard family, which accounts for their sometimes hot, peppery taste.

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These vibrant red fellows have been around for a very long time: the ancient Egyptians who worked on the pyramids were paid in radishes as wages. And every variety has a wonderful name: bunny tail, cherry belle, champion, red king, snow belle, white icicle, French breakfast and purple plum to name a few. They sound more like something out of a fairy tale than something in your shopping basket. Peter Rabbit himself got in trouble for stealing a long scarlet.


Make sure your radishes are firm and crisp. They can be stored in the fridge, without their leaves, for up to two weeks. Often eaten raw, radishes can be sliced, diced and thrown into pretty much anything. Or, you can simply check out some of these delicious ideas. 


Cinnamon sugar radish chips

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It sounds crazy, but the magic of the cinnamon sugar and radish combo makes for something pretty exciting. Add Greek yogurt and honey, and you've got an earthy, spicy and sweet delicious dessert.

Radishes with butter and sea salt

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Crusty French bread, butter, sliced radishes and sea salt make for an elegant French-style appetiser that takes half a heartbeat to prepare. Because it's so simple, make sure you use absolutely top quality ingredients. Bon appetit!  

Radish and pecan grain salad

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Photo: food52.com

All these grains sound like this might be a boring healthy salad, but the mint, pecan and radish all blend together perfectly to make a gorgeous spring salad.

Salted rosemary roasted radishes

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These guys look like potatoes, but they're actually radishes. They roast beautifully and really mellow out the flavour, matching perfectly with a dijon yogurt sauce. We can't wait to try these.

Radish and potato salad in creamy truffle oil dressing

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Lavender and Lovage calls this 'the little black dress of salads' and we can see why. Classic, fresh British ingredients with a sophisticated twist of truffle oil. Perfect.

Pickled radishes

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This is super simple recipe that will yield a couple of jars of pickled radishes, and they'll keep very happily in the fridge for a few weeks. They're brilliant on burgers, tacos, salads and pretty much anywhere.