We're eager – we know, but we couldn't resist planning ahead for the amazing crop of bramley apples that are on their way in August

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Image: What's in season? Bramley apples

Photo: Sarah Joy / CC BY S.A / adapted / Flickr: joybot

Get munchin' on those apples …

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Photo: empedia.info

The original bramley apple tree

Want to know how bramley apples came to be? Well, legend has it that a butcher, called Mr Bramley (of course) started selling apples from a tree in his back garden in the mid-1800s. 


Despite almost being completely destroyed by a storm in 1900, the original apple tree is still standing more than 200 years later, and is still bearing fruit.


And thank goodness, because Mr Bramley's apples are the most popular cooking apple in Britain. Thick-skinned and slightly sour in their natural state, they're tough enough for the oven but a proper softie at heart. And they are perfect for making jellies and jams. If you're wondering what to do for when bramley apples come into season in August then look no further than these awesome recipe ideas. 


Apple pie

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Sometimes all you need is a good old-fashioned pie like mama used to make. Flaky pastry, sweet tart apples and lashings of cinnamon. A perfect pie.

Apple cider doughnuts

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It might feel overwhelming making your own doughnuts, but these are way easier than they look. Just imagine all that apple cider and the finely diced bramley apples layered throughout the middle, and that should be plenty of incentive. 

Apple cinnamon pork chops

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The tartness of the bramley makes it a perfect complement to any pork dish. This pork chop recipe is all done in one pan, so it's simply bursting with flavour.

Bramley apple and cranberry oat bars

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A beautiful marriage of tart bramley apples with slightly sour cranberries (and plenty of sugar, don't panic), these crumbly, chewy, fruity oat bars are a snack for grown-up palates. Or at least, that's what you'll tell the kids.

Apple pie muffins

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With cinnamon, a crunchy sugar top and lovely chunks of bramley, these muffins have all the flavours of a traditional apple pie –  but they're so much less messy to carry round in your rucksack. 

Pork and apple sausage rolls

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Pork and apple rolls recipe

Photo: Homemade

You could dip your sausage roll in a fruity chutney, or you could go one better and put the fruity chutney in your sausage roll – because that's just efficient. Bramleys and pork are perfect pals in these sausage and apple rolls

Apple strudel

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There's a reason crisp apple strudels were one of The Sound of Music's Maria Von Trapp's favourite things – and it's not just because they could be conveniently rhymed with 'noodles'. Let your windfall apples shine in this sweet and squidgy classic. 

Which apple delight are you going to make? Have we missed any off? Tell us in the comments box below or tweet us @Homemade