So much great food and an extra hour to eat it in! Here are the best greedy goings-on in London from Friday 23 October

Autumn in London is all about romance and fittingly this week is full of heavenly matches. Tea and cake, beef and beer, pumpkin and cocktails, tapas and more tapas


Go on, get out there and fall in love with one of the best foodie events in the city. 


Take a tapas tour

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Six hours, six top restaurants, six plates of tapas, six drinks and a lovely stroll to burn it all off. That's the promise of the London Restaurant Festival's Tapas Tour – a leisurely jaunt around the city's finest croquette hotspots, including Camino King's Cross, Iberica Farringdon, José Broadgate and Copita Del Mercado. If you forget you're wearing gloves and a jumper, it could almost be a holiday in Andalusia.


12pm, Saturday 24 October. Tickets from £58. Book here.


Have your cake and eat it at Trinity Buoy Wharf

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Tea and cake pairing

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Pop the kettle on and dig out your best mug because tea and cake are the new wine and cheese. Or at least, they will be once you've met your perfect match at Trinity Buoy Wharf's tea and cake pairing event.


Experts Kyle from Tea Studio and Kerran from Keke Loves Cake will guide you through the best combinations of brews and bakes – like why rich dark chocolate cake works so well washed down with frothy green matcha, or which is the perfect cuppa to balance out achingly sweet marzipan and icing. We always knew tea was the solution to everything.


3-5pm, Saturday 24 October. Tickets from £24. Book here.


Dance the summer away at SushiSamba

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Yes, we really did just say summer. Daytime party professionals Dayzed are officially closing the "summer season" (just go with it) with one final party, atop one of London's tallest buildings.


Kicking off at noon, the Dayzed Summer Closing Party at SushiSamba will feature sets from DJs Dan Browne, AJ Odudu, Instrumentals and a surprise guest, as well as the chance to load your belly with Japanese brunch and your phone with snaps of the incredible view. Remind us why anybody goes out at night?


12pm, Saturday 24 October. Tickets from £15 not including brunch. Book here.


Have a cow, man at Beef & Brew

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First came Burger & Lobster, then champagne and hot dogs – now all eyes are on Kentish Town's new dedicated steak and beer joint Beef & Brew to prove that two-item restaurants are here to stay (and hey, basically a banquet of choice compared to one-item restaurants).


Serving up cheaper cuts like rump, onglet and brisket, the Beef & Brew menu has nine craft lagers, ales and stouts to pair with dishes like short-rib French dip with gravy and cheese, brisket jam nuggets and beer-cheese melt. And if that's not brew enough for you, there's even porter sauce on the pudding. Hop to it.


Open now.


Play gourd at Drink Shop & Do

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Let's admit it; when it comes to carving a good Halloween pumpkin, most of us don't know jack (o-lantern). So this year, learn from the experts with a pumpkin carving session at Drink Shop & Do. A tenner gets you a pumpkin, all the tools you'll need to create a monster masterpiece and a cocktail to jumpstart your creative vision. 


And if you still mess it up, there's always pumpkin pie.


6-8pm or 8:30-10:30pm, Monday 26, Tuesday 27 and Thursday 29 October. Tickets £10. Book here.


Have an extra hour of breakfast

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AN IMPORTANT REMINDER: the clocks go back on Sunday morning and so should you – to bed, with an enormous bacon sandwich. 





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