Pinch, punch, first pop-up of the month! Here's where you should be eating this week, from Friday 31 July

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Image: What foodie events are happening over the next seven days?

Photo: NoirKitsuné​ / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: lillivanilli

A slice of summer ... the Pizza Lovers Food Tour is a must-eat

Reasons to be cheerful: it's Friday, the weather has finally remembered what summer's supposed to feel like, and all these wonderful things are happening for you to sink your teeth into. Go forth and feast!


Quaff cocktails by candlelight

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Dig out your feathered headband and flap on down to the Candlelight Club, a clandestine pop-up speakeasy serving up raucous jazz, classic prohibition-era cocktails and 1920s-inspired food. Tuck into oysters, steak tartare and a stiff Old Fashioned in decadent, dimly lit surroundings, then burn it all off with an energetic Charleston.  


The Candlelight Club is so clandestine that we don't actually know where it is – buy a ticket and you'll receive an email with a secret location and password. Just like Fat Sam's Grand Slam, only with real booze! What fun. Friday 31 July and Saturday 1 August, tickets £20. Book here


Have a TV dinner

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Pop round to Auntie's for dinner, with a visit to the new street food market on the roof of the old BBC Television Centre. Perched on top of the iconic White City building, Storeys will dish up food from the likes of CrabbieshackRandy’s Wing BarWhite Men Can’t Jerk and Melt & Co to fuel all your reminiscing about Ed the Duck and the CBBC broom cupboard. No Blue Peter badge required. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 31 July. 

Go cray-cray for crayfish

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Photo: Sarah Laval / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: smercury98

They might claim to be "the closest you'll get to Louisiana on an Oyster card," but the gang at Crayfish Bob have another crustacean on their minds – and no prizes for guessing which. Head to their crawfish boil beach party at Battersea's Doodle Bar this Saturday for some of the best cajun cooking this side of the bayou. Sorry, the Thames. Saturday 1 August, tickets £33. Book here.


Have a midnight feast

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Salt beef bagel

Photo: Facebook / Feast |

All those times you've reluctantly put your coat on at midnight and trudged out into the cold, dark night for soggy chips because nothing in the fridge will do? A thing of the past! Feast London is here to save us all from late-night snack mediocrity, delivering some of the city's tastiest dishes directly to your door between 11pm and 5am. 


That means the legendary loaded salt beef bagels from Brick Lane's Beigel Bake, burritos and pulled pork sandwiches from Balans Soho Society and, for proper early birds, even a pre-dawn fry-up from Polo Bar in Bishopsgate. All without having to queue beneath fluorescent lights behind a hen party. Luxury! Delivery is currently within east London, but we're hoping Feast will spread its wings soon.


Visit the UK's first tank bar

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Forget kegs, casks and (heavens above) taps – the new holy grail is ale straight from the tank. Beer geeks will love Howling Hops, the capital's first dedicated tank bar, which serves super-fresh brews from a row of shiny conditioning tanks in a coolly stark Hackney Wick warehouse.


There are 10 beers on offer, ranging from a mild pale ale to a chewy smoked stout, with meaty sandwiches, grilled cheese, cake and coffee to stop you getting too tanked. Hop to it.


Take a pizza tour

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Photo: NoirKitsuné​ / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: lillivanilli

Because the only thing better than a really good pizza is five really good pizzas, so pop on your comfy shoes, tuck a napkin into your collar and join the Pizza Lovers Food Tour around some of London's very best pizzerias. Over two and a half hours you'll learn about the history of pizza, how it arrived in the UK and the secrets of a truly perfect slice – all while eating your way through a quintet of carby hotspots. Go on, be a tourist. Friday 31 July, tickets £25. Book here.


Cook up some cabbage

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Savoy cabbage

Photo: Quinn Dombrowski / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: ​quinnanya​​

"Hurrah, savoy cabbage is in season!" – said not many people, ever. But that needs to change, because this hardy veg patch staple can do so much more than provide the squeak to your Boxing Day bubble.


Unleash its summer potential with one of these beautiful recipes.