School's out, and you should be too. Here are the most delicious things happening in London from Friday 24 July

It's now officially definitely the summer holidays, which means this week you need either: a) fun family days out, or b) places to go to avoid crowds of children. Helpfully, we've found both for you! Tuck in. 


Have a (little) feast

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Because we all know summer in London means not being able to walk further than the end of your road without coming across pop-up street food, Shepherd's Bush has been giving Dalston a run for its money with Little Feast, a stylish al fresco dining yard and garden in the arches by Goldhawk Road.


Don't let the 'little' fool you. It's been such a grand success that the Feast guys have decided to extend their stay until the end of the summer, so catch the likes of grilled cheese experts Holy Toast, chip champions Poptata and stuffed bun vendors Le Bao when the market reopens on Thursday 30 July. Free, Wednesday to Sunday every week from Thursday 30 July.


Foodies Festival comes to Clapham

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Eat like common people this weekend (Clapham Common, that is) as Foodies Festival heads south of the river.


More civilised than your average pop-up, the ever-growing festival has something for all the family including a vintage tea tent, a chilli-eating contest, a children's cookery theatre, and a cake and bake theatre. With a stellar lineup of demos from chefs and foodie celebs, it's a gourmet groupie's dream. Friday 24 July to Sunday 26 July, day tickets from £12. Book here.


Celebrate Eid

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Photo: Garry Knight / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: garryknight

The real festival of Eid al-Fitr and the end of Ramadan fasting fell last weekend, but Saturday 25 July brings another chance to celebrate with Eid in the Square, London's free festival of Islamic music, performance, culture – and naturally, food. Tuck into Malaysian, Turkish, south Asian, Egyptian, Lebanese, Indonesian, and Arabic cuisine among others, and dance it off afterwards. Free, Saturday 25 July, 12pm-6pm, Trafalgar Square.


Eat at Pidgin

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Peckish? Hop over to Pidgin, Hackney's latest supper-club-turned-restaurant. Run by James Ramsden and Sam Herlihy of The Secret Larder, its four-course modern British menu will change weekly so you can go back again and again for a different experience each time. 


And judging by this week's hearty menu, you should go now. Because you know what they say – the early bird catches the smoked pork collar with clams and potatoes! They definitely say that.


Have a breather

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"Drinking this alcohol via my mouth is so tiresome!" we've all said, many times. "If only I could walk through a cloud of gin and absorb it through my eyeballs instead!" Finally, thanks to food wizards Bompas and Parr, that dream has come true. 


Yes, we're living in a world where you can spend your Thursday night surrounded, quite literally, by alcohol. Opening on Thursday 30 July, Alcoholic Architecture is a six-month installation in Borough Market that's completely filled with booze-mist at 140% humidity. Don't worry though, the mixer-to-alcohol ratio is weak enough that an hour of breathing in the mist is only equivalent to one unit. What's the point, you ask? Fun! In fact, it's a gas. Tickets from £12.50 + 75p booking charge, available here.


Cherish cherries, while you can

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Photo: Juan Antonio Capó Alonso / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: juan-antonio-capo

They're only in season for the next two months, so now's the time to grab a bag of cherries. Sour or sweet, stewed with meat or baked Twin Peaks-style in a sugar-crusted pie, we've got plenty of ideas to help make the most of this year's bumper crop. Off you pop.

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