We won’t be too sorry to see the backs of these bad boys. Oh no

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Pizzadilla (a quesadilla pizza, obviously)

2014 saw some pretty bizarre food combos. Let’s take a slow, digestive stroll down memory lane.

Double donut

What: it’s a 1,966 calorie creation consisting of two beef burgers topped with cheese, four rashers of bacon and BBQ sauce all sandwiched between two glazed doughnuts
We say: this is a food step too far

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Double donut

Photo: PR


What: when lasagne met Nutella. Imagine layers of lasagne, cannoli custard, crunchy roasted hazelnuts, chopped chocolate and generous swirls of Nutella. Oh and about 200 marshmallows to garnish
We say: it was only a matter of time before some genius put these two together. We kinda like it

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Via Facebook.com/Robicellis


Black burger

What: a ghoulish creation from Burger King: a black bun and melted black cheese (coloured using powdered bamboo charcoal), beef burger (of normal colouring) and onion and garlic sauce coloured with squid ink
We say: it just looks too weird ...

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Black burger

Via Facebook / Burger King Japan

The world’s cheesiest pizza, aka The Super Cheese

What: 99 different cheese varieties topping your pizza. Seriously
We say: this takes a quattro formaggi to a whole new level

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Cheese pizza

Via Facebook.com/400Gradi

Mince flies

What: the festive favourite made with mealworms, beetle larvae and locusts
We say: well, people did eat them AND said they were tasty. Hmm …

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Bacon d’oh nut burger

What: a homage to Homer Simpson in the form of a warm glazed doughnut filled with a bacon cheeseburger and topped with bacon sprinkles
We say: our arteries shrivel in fear at the mere thought 

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D'oh nut burger

Via Facebook/PYTburger

The pretzel lobster tail

What: a stuffed soft dough pretzel with butternut crunch brittle and peanut butter rolled into the shape of a bite-sized lobster tail from Cronut creator, Dominique Ansel
We say: it looks suspiciously like something else, no?

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Pretzel lobster tail

Via Twitter/grubstreet


What: this is what happens when the pizza and the quesadilla get together
We say: it takes 15 minutes and there is some light flipping involved. We’re sold

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Chicken fried bloody beast

What: a drink-cum-supersize meal in a jug. It features four regular bloody marys, two baconadoes (bacon-wrapped jalapeno cheese balls), pickles, sausages, olives, onion, mushrooms, asparagus, shrimp and tomatoes, to name just a few – oh, and it’s topped with an entire fried chicken
We say: is this the most grim hangover cure ever?

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Chicken Fried Bloody Beast

Via Facebook.com/Sobelmans

What's the weirdest food you tried in 2014? Let us know in the comments box below ...