These gizmos will solve problems you didn’t even know you had. Promise

Confession time: our relationship with food gadgets has got out of control (hello ramen head guard and pizza sleeping bag). Unfortunately, 2015 is only going to make things worse.


These beauties are set to hit shelves this year. *Clears space in kitchen cupboard*

Butter mill

What? life is a pretty cruel place when your hot toast pops up and the butter is too darn cold to spread. Never fear, dear friends, the answer is nearly here. Store your butter in this clever little mill in the fridge and when you're ready for some beautiful butter ribbons, simply twist and go. It works a little like a pepper mill.
Price: £20.22
We say: spread some dairy love all over that sourdough

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The WiFi Coffee Machine

What? waking up to a freshly brewed cup of coffee is the dream, right? Mustering up the energy to roll out of bed, though, can be tough. Well, now you don’t have to because, come March, you can turn on that machine from the comfort of your bed  with just the tap of a button on your smartphone. Or you can time it to make your espresso at the same time every day. Genius
Price: £129
We say: now we just need someone / something to bring it to us …

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Smarter wifi coffee machine


The Baby GlGl

What? a smart baby bottle – well, a holder that will make your bottle smart. It monitors how much milk a child is drinking as well as telling parents the best angle to hold the bottle to make sure babies are getting milk, not air
Price: £78
We say: it might make your mum rethink blocking your number after all those panicked calls

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The 3D XYZPrinting food printer

What? it will print 3D cookies and chocolates on demand – although you do have to bake the biscuits after printing. Boo
Price:  £1,300 *gulp*
We say: can we get one of these printers for the office? 

Kube beer cooler

What? a cooler that’s also a speaker. It links to phones via Bluetooth to play music, can last for 20 hours on a single charge and has a sound output of 100 decibels. It isn’t cheap but surely it’s the ultimate party piece?
Price: $1,100. Eeek
We say: we want to mock it but really we want it

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The Panda pop up

What? for all those sceptics who say toast is boring, we say try this three-dimensional panda. You can even give it a crown or a bow tie. The options are (almost) endless
Price: £9.99
We say: this is a toast game-changer

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HealBe GoBe wristband

What? counting up the calories of every biscuit, carrot stick or bowl of soup can be a faff too far but this band will do it for you. Yes, you’ll be able to see exactly how many calories you're eating while you munch (hmmm). You can also track distance travelled, heart rate and your hydration levels
Price: £198
We say: calories in real time? This might make us want to cry

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The Egg-Perfect timer

What? Jean-Christophe Novelli says if you can’t boil an egg perfectly then you shouldn’t be cooking at all. Harsh? Maybe but now every man, woman, child and dog can take their place in the kitchen with confidence. This little egg gadget uses temperature instead of time to tell when your egg is boiled to perfection. Take that, Novelli
Price: $6
We say: just add soldiers

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