In celebration of International Cat Day, this is our pick of the very best cat-shaped food

Cats rule the internet. And Japan (the Japanese seem very keen on anything cute). So, to celebrate International Cat Day, here are some examples of the cutest cat-shaped food from around the internet (many of which are from Japan).


Tiny kitty sweets

Just look at these playful and sleepy little kittens, made by a Japanese housewife called Caroline, roaming around a cake! If this isn't cute overload, your heart is made of steel.

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Cat cake pop 

Cake pop, we can't stop – that is, we can't stop looking at the cute faces with heart noses.

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Cat doughnut

This doughnut has ears! So, so cute.

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Animal macarons

The too-cute-for-words Japanese kitty macaron on the right is joined by a frog, a dog, a chick... and whatever that pink thing is at the front. Seriously, what is it? A seal?

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Coffee cat

It's like that scene in Harry Potter where Hermione changes into a cat. Created by a Japanese dude who likes drawing on his lattes, this Harry Potter kitty is trapped in the froth. Who can save it? We can. Slurp.

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Via: Twitter/Kazuki Yamamoto


Kitten-shaped cookies

Dip this kitten-shaped cookie into the cat coffee for extra four-pawed appeal.

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Kitty macaron

These cats are so happy! They really want to be eaten.

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raspberri cupcakes/CC BY-SA 2.0/Flickr: stephcookie


Cat cronut

Cronuts are fashionable. Cats are fashionable. This is the chicest snack you've ever seen in your life, right? 


Cat sushi

This may be a good way to tempt your kids into trying Japanese food. If we don't eat it first (cue evil laugh).

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Kitty marshmallows

The epitome of cuteness, these marshmallows are made by a Japanese company and designed to melt into the top of your coffee, or hot chocolate. Get us some of these... NOW! (Sorry, sugar rush.)

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Via: Facebook/MarshmallowShopYawahada


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