Because bread envy is a terrible, terrible thing

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Via: Helen Cathcart 

Attention, Great British Bake Off fanatics. 


This evening, (8pm on BBC1 – but of course, you knew that already) the baking die-hards will be kneading away on bread week. 


Word on the street is that we'll be seeing sweet chocolate loaves, a manchego and prosciutto-stuffed creation and a 'bread sculpture' showstopper challenge – complete with dough twisted into the shape of a bicycle, a snake, blooming flowers, a lion and...  the Brighton Pavilion. Sure. 


But let's park all that for a moment to consider the fact that 60 minutes of all this yeasty action is going to bring about some serious dough envy. 


The solution? 


The second you step through the door this evening, whip up this (easy) guacamole bread from A Lot On Her Plate author Rosie Birkett


Packed with avocadoy creaminess, garlicky sweetness and red pepper crunchiness, it's all kinds of great. Pop a poached egg on top and you've got yourself supper. 


Get the recipe here.

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