The votes have been counted for the National Restaurant Awards and we've got Michelin stars in our eyes

From chicken and pinecones to onion ash and foam, here's what to order from Britain's top restaurants if you're ever, you know, in the area (if you're desperate to find one near you, check out the full list of 100 restaurants here).

1. Gymkhana's goat curry

The dark horse of the competition, London curry restaurant Gymkhana pipped all the other eateries to the post with its fuss-free approach to cooking. The kid goat curry is considered to be the jewel in its culinary crown. If you're feeling brave, for an extra three quid you can have it with pearls of kid brain ...

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2. The Clove Club's buttermilk chicken in pine leaves

This may well look like chicken nuggets served on a bed of pine cones and needles but foodies the world over insist the fragarant aroma of pine perfectly complements the delicately cooked chicken, making it a totally transformative experience. All righty then. NB don't eat the pine!

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3. The Ledbury's flame grilled mackerel

Head chef Brett Graham cooks up this starter at his restaurant in Notting Hill. Served with smoked eel and shiso (it's an Asian herb), tongues are wagging all about it. It doesn't look half bad either.

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4. Slow cooked duck at The Hand and Flowers

Last year's winner Tom Kerridge was the first gastropub chef to win two Michelin stars. His traditional, unpretentious duck dish with chips and gravy has proved an all-round winner.

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Slow cooked duck at The Hand and Flowers

Via Tripadvisor / scubasteve

5. Pollen Street Social's cauliflower squid

Chef Jason Atherton has replaced his famous back to front squid risotto with a squid starter at his London restaurant. If you're feeling creative you can even have a bash at making the risotto yourself.

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Pollen Street Social's back to front squid risotto

Via Pollen Street Social / / thecriticalcouple

6. Salmagundy at The Sportsman

A favourite dish of head chef Stephen Harris, this unassuming 17th century-inspired recipe is made from smoked duck egg, ham and vegetables grown in the garden of his restaurant near Whitstable, Kent.


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7. Onion and pear shavings at Hedone

Swedish lawyer turned chef Mikael Jonsson is now famed for this simple dish of onions, foam and shavings at his restaurant in Chiswick. While some rave about the delicate balance of flavours, others have been more sceptical saying "it’s just onion … ?"

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Hedone's onion and pear shavings


8. Vintage potatoes in onion ash at L'Enclume

The jury's still out on what a vintage potato actually is, but head chef Simon Rogan is serving them up with an onion 'ash'. Hmm. Anyway, people are raving about it, but you'll have to be quick. The menu at this rustic Cumbria restaurant is always changing its spots.


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9. Heston's meat fruit at Dinner

The undisputed king of surprise, Mr. Blumenthal and executive chef Ashley Palmer-Watts are known far and wide for their chicken parfait sneakily disguised as an tangerine and served at their restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental hotel, Hyde Park. Other specialities include nettle and snail porridge and powdered duck breast. Strange indeed.

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10. Dorset crab lasagne at The Square

It might not look all that exciting, but the buzz at Mayfair restaurant The Square is all about this crab dish with champagne foam and shellfish 'cappuccino.' Try ordering that at Starbucks.


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