We almost choked on our cornflakes reading the news this morning

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A creepy-crawly connoisseur from Manchester has told the papers that he can’t stop eating bugs morning, noon and night.


Peter Bickerton started off blending locusts with beef to make burgers. But he found the insects were so delicious he stopped mixing in meat altogether.


A mix of locusts, grasshoppers and waxworms are now on the 24-year-old's menu every day.  


Naturally, we went on the internet to look for bug recipes. Would you try any of these?


1. Deep fried spider

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Deep fried spider

Via Chugrad McAndrews / davidgeorgegordon.com

OK, so it's an arachnid – see the recipe

2. Chocolate grasshoppers

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These will put a spring in your step – see the recipe

3. Shish kebab

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Shish kebab

Via Chugrad McAndrews / davidgeorgegordon.com / businessinsider.com

'swarming on a cold day – see the recipe

4. Three bee salad

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Three bee salad

Via Chugrad McAndrews / davidgeorgegordon.com

Buzzing with flavour – see the recipe.

5. Mealworm fried rice

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They're not called mealworms for nothing – see the recipe

Spider sarnie for lunch, then? Or how about bug burgers for tea? Tell us whether you'd eat insects or not in the comments box below