Pyromaniac pandas, gender-bending ad remakes and a miniature cupcake superhero – it's all here in our round-up of the week's best web videos

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If Women's Roles In Ads Were Played By Men

YouTube/ Via corycotton

When it comes to wasting time, there is nothing better than scouring the internet for videos.

But let Homemade do all the hard work for you – as we’ve compiled some of the food-related clips that have made us think, smile or laugh this week.

From the slow-motion recording of the demise of a pile of eggs, to viral sensation Mateo Beltran's appearance on Ellen, here's our latest video top five.

1. Waiter serving food to the homeless

Prepare for a dose of the feel-good factor as hidden camera channel Public Prank serve a square meal, delivered by a waiter in full gear, to the homeless. They want to inspire others to help those in need. 

YouTube/ Via PublicPrank

2. If women's roles in ads were played by men

Why does a woman oiling herself up on the beach sell burgers? We don’t know. But it looks even stupider when a man in baggy black swimming shorts does it. 

Via YouTube / BuzzFeedYellow

3. What did those eggs ever do to deserve this?

The fruit of a hen’s loins are smashed to smithereens in this slow-motion egg-stravaganza. They find themselves at the mercy of a whip, a crossbow and a panda with some dynamite. What else would you expect?

Via YouTube / Dude Perfect

4. Cute as a cupcake?

In February 2014 a three-year-old boy from California racked up 4.3m YouTube hits with his empassioned plea to be allowed a cupcake for dinner. Now Mateo Beltran has been on TV to be rewarded with a mound of superhero-themed cupcakes and a cheque for $10,000 for his mother.

Was his disturbingly grown-up "listen, Linda, honey" argument, with his mother Linda cute or a touch creepy? We can't quite decide.

Via YouTube / The Ellen Show

5. Iron Man director Jon Favreau on his new film, Chef

We can't deny that we've known a few erratic cooks in our time, and this is the subject that Iron Man director, and actor (you may recognise him from a role in Friends) Jon Favreau is taking on in his new film, Chef. He appeared at American arts festival South by Southwest to discuss the new movie which he wrote, directed and starred in.

The incredible supporting cast includes Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Sofía Vergara, Dustin Hoffman, and John Leguizamo, and the movie is set for release in June 2014.

Via YouTube / Forbes