It's the Great Baby Bake Off. Cakes plus tiny baking angst equals TV gold. Watch out Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood …

Ah, The Great British Bake Off.


The programme that's taught us so many key life skills: how to pipe crème pâtisserie, the fact that soggy bottoms should be punished by law and the realisation that peering into an oven looking anxious is a lot more dramatic than you might think.


It’s now time for our favourite baking queen Mary Berry and the blue-eyed wonder, Paul Hollywood, to step aside because there’s some new kids on the block. Welcome to Baby Bake Off.


The brief was simple: make six cakes inspired by chocolate milk. The result? Hilarity and a lot of mess.


Prepare for tears, tantrums and some rather unusual baking methods. Who hasn’t wanted to pour their entire baking mix on the floor and eat it raw?


Ready … set … bake!

Note: We have been assured that the baby bakers were supervised at all times and did not eat all the cake mix!