Australian Laleh Mohmedi makes delicious cartoon-themed meals for her toddler son out of veggies and fruit

We've often heard parents lament that they can't get their little ones to eat their fruit and vegetables.


One parent has found a way, though. You just need some serious artistic talent to achieve it.


Laleh Mohmedi, an Australian mum with a two-year-old son, Jacob, is causing a stir on social media with her beautifully plated meals designed to appeal to her son's love of cartoon characters while ensuring his diet contains more than chicken dippers and chips.


The best part? They're full of yummy ingredients like lentils, spelt flour, eggs, beetroot, cucumber, apples, free-range ham and more.

And boy, do they look tasty …


"I've always been a big advocate in healthy organic eating for children," Mohmedi, who posts on Instagram as jacobs_food_diaries, tells Homemade.


"One day I decided to make Jacob's pancakes into a lion just for fun, which could have easily passed as a bear, and he absolutely loved it! And from then on, every night before Jacob goes to bed he tells me his request of which character, either from a book or movie, that he would like me to make."


Not only is the eating part enjoyable, but Mohmedi has turned her food-art preparation into a family activity involving her two-year-old. Sort of.

"He helps make the meals – by help, I mean he sits on the kitchen bench and asks me about 100 times what I'm doing – and he has his own little chopping board and sits there cutting – well, trying – fruit. It's our little moment together that we love."


Don't miss a selection of Mohmedi's masterpieces below. Which one's your favourite? (Jacob likes the Lorax and the Muppets best.)

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