Two friends from Portland, Oregon, transform their beards into artworks

Who knew hirsuteness could be an art form? Beards are beautiful.


At least the colourful, food-, flower- and glitter-festooned beards of best pals, 25-year-olds Brian DeLaurenti and Johnathan Dahl, are.


The duo, otherwise known as The Gay Beards, have racked up more than 33,000 followers on Instagram with their artistic and playful photos, which show them using their beards as a canvas for pretty much anything: kale, sprinkles, mayo, herbs and candles.


Brian, a painter and choreographer, and Johnathan, a musician, also decorate their beards with flowers, paint, baubles, twigs, pipe cleaners, feathers and Christmas lights. 


"One day in July of 2014 we were sitting on the couch, feeling anxiously creative, and we though why not go take a picture of our beards?," they told The Groomed Man Co.


"We went off exploring, took a couple photos for our newly created Instagram and the rest truly was history.

"Depending on what we are putting in our beards, it can take anywhere from 20 minutes all the way up to two hours or more."


Beards have never looked so wonderful.

Don't miss some of our favourite foodie-beard snaps below …

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