The 1970s and 1980s was a very scary place for diet recipes

Back in the 80s diet foods were seriously weird. If these diets had any success, it was probably because these beauties terrified people away from the plate ... 

Warning: you need a strong stomach.

Rosy perfection salad

We don't think this is quite so rosy. We weren’t prepared for this red cabbage extravaganza. 

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Bean and mushroom salad

In case you can’t see, this, dear readers, is a jellied salad. Nuff said really. 

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Elizabeth Takes Off

During her fifth marriage Liz dieted her way back from 180 pounds to 120. Her 1987 memoir-slash-self-help book recommends eating dry toast every morning, adding peanut butter and bread to your steak and pouring sour cream and cottage cheese over fruit. Oh, and at exactly 3pm it's time for raw vegetables dipped in cheese and yogurt. She never explains why. That's probably what she's trying to remember on the front cover.

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Slender Quenchers

Could these be the saddest diet drinks ever invented? There’s skimmed milk and orange pulp or water, cherry extract, two beef bouillon cubes and a celery stick.



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The Cookie Diet

Oh yes, this existed. A Florida doctor called Dr Siegal created a plan where you eat cookies made with a blend of amino acids to surpress hunger. And you have nine a day, and no meals. So, suppose a Hobnob won’t work, then?

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Cookie diet

CGehlen / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: rumble1973

Snacks on a stick

Chocolate sticks? Nope, sorry. These bizarre concoctions are coffee mixed with gelatin. Yum. 

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Spinach and egg mould

A radish-topped jelly shaped egg and spinach creation that will haunt you for years to come. 

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What's the worst diet food you've ever eaten? Let us know in the comments box below ...