Jesus did it in the Bible and now you can, too. Here’s how to turn a glass of water into vino …

Breaking news: us mere mortals can now turn water into wine.


Thanks to YouTuber Dave Hax, we have your next party trick sorted and all you need is a small plastic square.


Channel your inner David Blaine and follow these simple steps: 


  1. Take a small plastic container and cut out a square piece that is completely flat and slightly bigger than the diameter of your glass.
  2. Take a glass, and fill it to the brim with wine. Do the same with another glass but fill it with water.

  3. Take your piece of plastic and place it over the glass of water.

  4. Hold the plastic on top of the glass, turn the glass over and sit it on top of the glass of wine (with the plastic in-between).

  5. Holding the top glass, pull back the plastic to make a small opening.

  6. The wine will start to transfer and, et voilà, your glass of water is now wine.