Yes, you can actually take a bite out of Ryan Gosling now. Yum.

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Image: This Instagram artist turns your sandwich into food art of your fave celebs

Via Instagram/mariesaba

Hey girl

Warning: your normal sandwich is about to look seriously disappointing.


At least next to Marie Saba's culinary creations it will. The chef and mum-of-two shares her favourite recipes and wild food art on her website Cocina Marie and colourful Instagram account, mariesaba.


Packed with out-there and unexpected ideas - peanut butter and Nutella on bread become Spiderman, pieces of toast are transformed into a kangaroo and joey, a plate of sweetcorn gets reworked into Lisa Simpson's face - Saba's Instagram feed is a work of art.


Even better? Saba turns your favourite A-listers into lunch, including Ryan Gosling, Blake Lively, Gwyneth Paltrow, Taylor Swift and cartoon characters like Miss Piggy and Elsa from Frozen.


To make Blake Lively on a plate, Saba used white bread for Lively’s face, neck, nose and eyebrows, topped with cherry jelly blush, mozzarella and jelly beans for those signature blue eyes, dill for the lashes, apple skins for the mouth, chocolate for Lively's mole, a piece of cabbage as her outfit and the crusts of white and wheat bread with butter and maple syrup glaze for Lively’s mane, according to People.


Sounds tasty.


Check out some of Saba's other lunchtime masterpieces below... 

Blake Lively

Don Draper

Miss Piggy

Harry Potter

Gwyneth Paltrow

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