Tired of chia seeds and coconut everything? Then look at this hilarious Instagram account that's a parody of all the clean living bloggers

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Photo: Instagram/ deliciouslystella 

Chocolate fingers, or legs? 

Have the almond-milk-making, chia-seed-snacking, coconut-everything tribe worn you down? 


If you've hit 'follow' on one too many #eatclean bloggers and wellness gurus, then your Instagram feed might have become a tad, well, samey.


Sure, nut butter from scratch and yoga on the beach are all well and good. But a near-constant stream of what appear, at least, to be perfect lives can sometimes have a sinking effect on our self-esteem – making us want to give up on any notion of keeping healthy and run straight into the loving arms of the nearest Galaxy caramel. 


Which is why the @deliciouslystella parody account, from comedian Bella Younger, goes down such a total treat. 


Posting shots of her 'unhealthy' life, she's all about sharing her daily green juice (mini bottles of Gordon's gin), her answer to daily crunches (a Crunchie bar) and her #sweetox (regular dose of Haribo in a cup for grab-and-go ease).


Here's some of her finest posts. 


Bravo, Stella. Bravo. 

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