Because everyone wants to remember themselves scoffing greasy fried chicken, right?

Here's one to add to the list of things you never really wanted, definitely don't need and aren't sure why they were invented in the first place: KFC's memories bucket printer.


Even though this invention is totally bizarre, we're still intrigued. Who doesn't want to capture the moment their friend's face is covered in greasy fried food?


What looks like your typical fried chicken bucket has a photo printer at the bottom: just sync your smartphone up to the printer and all of your glorious photo memories will become instant polaroids.


But don't get too excited, yet. The 'memories bucket' has been released to celebrate 60 years of KFC in Canada so no news on when – or if – it will be hitting UK shores.


Fast food turning hi-tech? A definite trend to look out for: in May, Pizza Hut unveiled a pizza box that transformed into a movie projector which played short films.


Polaroid printing bucket or not, the next time you do indulge in KFC, it might be worth snapping the memory. It could be a perfect fit for the hot new Instagram account, Girls with Gluten.


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