From roast dinners to miniature animals, Georgia-Rose Fairman is the sculptor behind these unbelievable cakes that look exactly like still-life paintings

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Image: Meet Georgia-Rose Fairman, the high art sculptor of the cake world

Via: Instagram / georgiafairman

There are lots of cake sculptors in the world. But in a fairly saturated market, this baker and sculptor’s assistant has managed to literally carve a niche for herself in both the industries of high art and cake decorating. London-based Georgia-Rose Fairman makes completely delicious and totally beautiful cakes that are so realistic, they almost teeter across the line of unappetising.


A pig's head, a marble table adorned with fresh fish, a dead bird and a corpse-like hand clutching on to some peonies aren't ordinary subject matters for confectionery. But with clients ranging from fashion label Carven to restaurant critic AA Gil – not to mention the army of fans on her Instagram – Fairman definitely seems to be on to something.


Check out some of her beautiful and slightly confusing cakes below.



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