A whole day dedicated to your needs? Er, think again

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Image: Things you’ll only know if you’re a Dad on Father’s Day

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It’s not actually about you at all

Despite the name, Father’s Day is actually about your children. It’s the one day in the year when you really have to make the effort to be the perfect dad – because that’s what your little ‘uns think you are.

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Breakfast in bed isn’t exactly as good as you remember

Strong hot coffee, buttery bacon baps, freshly squeezed orange juice – you can forget all that. Breakfast in bed now means food prepared by your children, eaten while your children climb all over you. Pro-tip: it's probably best not to be hungover.

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Help me cereal

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The quality of your present might be questionable

But that’s OK, because you can never have enough hilarious socks, right?

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Your “dads eat for free” pub lunch won’t be massively relaxing

Mostly because everyone else in the pub will be there on the same deal. With their children.

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Spaghetti gif

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You won’t be allowed to stay in the pub and have a drink either

No 'me time' today Mr. Oh no.

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Father’s Day won’t get you out of doing the washing up

Do you remember how on Mother’s Day you made a big thing of pointing out to your other half that she’s not actually your mother? Today, you reap what you sowed. In fact, if anything, you’ll be doing more in the way of childcare: it may be Father’s Day, but we still know who really wears the trousers.

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You’ll no longer forget your own dad on Father’s Day

And you’ll be consumed with guilt for all those times you did. I mean, seriously. How could anyone forget Father’s Day?

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Homer sensitive dad

The Simpsons/Fox/Via: pinkelstien.wordpress.com


But, despite it all, Father’s Day beats birthdays hands down

Your kids think you’re amazing – and when you think about it, being their dad sort of means you are amazing.

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Cool Dad

Modern Family/ABC/Via: popsugar.com


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