News flash: Weetabix is not just to be served soggy and swimming in milk. Oh no. There's loads more you can do with it

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Pineapple and coconut Weetabix cake

In a world of avocado on toast, Turkish eggs and cinnamon buns, it can be easy to forget about our dear friend the Weetabix.


We’ve moved beyond the simple debate about whether to top those wheaty slabs with sugar or honey: now it’s all about whether to pop the cereal in your cake or smoothie.


Here’s what to do:

The Weetabix cake

Goodbye Rice Krispie cakes, so long corn flake cakes, it’s time to get on board with the Weetabix cake. Seriously.

Crushed up in a mix with the usual suspects and some mixed spice and sultanas it will taste similar to a bran loaf – just add a pot of tea. 

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The rum balls

This is one of those glorious recipes that falls under the “I need a sweet fix and I don’t have time to bake it" category – they take 10 minutes to prepare plus chilling time.


This is where Weetabix and after dinner treats collide in a more respectable fashion than a bowl of cereal on the sofa. 

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The chicken nugget

Yes, you can make chicken nuggets with some crushed up Weetabix. Really, you can. 

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The Weetabix brownie

You may wonder why you would mess with the soft, chewy, chocolaty goodness of a pure and simple brownie – and you might have a point. But what better home could you give those lonely last few pieces of Weetabix?

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The Weetabix muffin-come-cake

When it comes to a snack, don’t just keep that Weetabix for a bowl of milk – it can work wonders in a muffin mix too.


Combine the crushed cereal with chocolate, coconut and top with some sweet pineapple. Mmm.

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What's your favourite way to eat Weetabix? Let us know in the comments box below ...