Your mate Marmite can do a lot of things you might not have heard about. Here’s what you need to know

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That's right, it's Marmite popcorn

Spreading and using Marmite is an art form. This isn’t strawberry jam people, this has to be done sparingly or it will make grown men weep.


However, the cult-status yeast extract is oh-so versatile. Here's what to do with this national treasure – and there’s not a slice of toast in sight.

Marmite chicken

Marmite doesn’t half make a glaze go dark and sticky. 

Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, this is Marmite chicken and, with a bowlful of rice on the side, you won’t look back. Marmite works wonderfully with a roast chicken too. 

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The Marmite cake

Love it or, er, love it. There’s nothing not to like about a slice of rich chocolate cake drizzled with Marmite and caramel icing. 

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The Marmite cocktail

Putting Marmite in your tipple is a thing. Trust us. From Britain's highest restaurant to the best bar in the world, everyone is shaking and stirring the black stuff with their vodka and citrus juice. Chin chin.

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Marmite potatoes

When it comes to Sunday lunch, don't keep Marmite solely for your gravy – it can work wonders on roast potatoes too.

After boiling your spuds, drizzle them in a Marmite and oil mix before popping them into the oven to roast. It adds just a bit of savouriness to the mix. Trust us. 

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Spaghetti with Marmite

If this spaghetti in a salty stock is good enough for Nigella Lawson, then it’s good enough for us. It’s much nicer than it sounds. Promise. 

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When cheese and Marmite do the twist

We know, we know, Marmite and cheese is a wonderful thing  but nothing new. However, sprinkling and spreading the goodness through layers and layers of buttery puff pastry deserves some kind of medal. Warning: polishing off the entire batch in one sitting is highly probable.

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When Marmite pops

Marmite + butter + toast = heaven. Some utter genius then added popcorn into the mix (well, minus the toast, obs). What a winner. 

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What's your favourite way to eat Marmite? Let us know in the comments box below ...